Sandy’s Work

The Work I Do

Although my communication work started with horses, I work with all species.

I work telepathically with animals, enabling me to work in a mind to mind connection with them.  I see their pictures and have the ability to send pictures back to them when I need to explain something to them.  I am working directly with that specific animal by their permission.  It is totally disrespectful to think I or anyone else has the right to go into an animal’s mind without their permission.

I am not a “pet psychic”.  What I get from an animal comes directly from that animal, not by surfing the airwaves to see what impressions I can pick up about that animal.  There is a big difference in the quality of the work when working directly, as opposed to pulling impressions from around the animal.

I also am not a “medical intuitive”.  My work is not a replacement for professional veterinary care.  In the animal’s hard wiring of pack, herd or pride, to show a weakness or something that is physically wrong with the animal would get that animal kicked out. Survival is the priority, so a pack, herd or pride cannot afford to have a sick animal in it. It is not a thought process it is hard wiring or instinct.

What I can do in these situations is find out how the animal feels about what is going on and work with the emotional component of the issue.  Getting to the emotional piece is very important.  If the emotional piece is addressed often the physical piece will improve.

I have trained myself to go to the neutral place when I begin a work session with an animal.  I have to park my ego.  This means I suspend my belief system.  It does not matter what my point of view is on an issue.  What is important is the animal’s point of view about what is going on in their life.

If an animal is showing me something that their human is not going to like, I am honor bound to tell the human exactly what their animal showed me.  No edits or prettying it up to make it palatable for the human.  This is especially true when I am working with an animal that is dying.


End of Life

Roughly half of the work I do is with animals that are dying.  All species.  People call me hoping for help with what to do for their animal when that animal reaches their end of life.

The tricky part is animals and humans have very different points of view about dying. Humans are emotionally upset, in fear, worry about suffering, quality of life and end an animal’s life thinking they are doing a kindness.

Animals follow the inner rhythm until it stops.  They call it the inner dying rhythm movement.  They have no concepts of quality of life, suffering or fear.  When the inner rhythm stops, they leave the body.  Animals do not understand why humans want to kill them when they know how to die.

My job is to bridge the two different points of view between animal and human, helping each side to understand the other a little bit better.  Once understanding is created then things can calm down.  It’s taking both points of view and finding a place in the middle.

End of life is a rich time of inner growth, resolving attachments, and learning to trust something bigger then ourselves.  We are not taught that.


I bring a lifetime of working with horses to my communication work.  When a horse shows me what the problem is I can draw on years of experience to help solve the problem.

For example; horses show me, all the time, their humans are not clear when asking them to do something.  I know from my own experience when I am clear what I am asking a horse to do, things go better.

I can explain this being clear to the human, helping them to see that they are not clear when they are asking their horse to do something, even if they think they are clear. We humans have a real problem with “busy brain”.  This is a huge problem.  I see people at clinics being taught all kinds of things to do with their horse.  Rarely do I ever hear a clinician work on being clear.

Working with me you and your horse have a real opportunity for understanding between the two of you.  A nice place to be.

How I Work – Phone

I work on the phone, by appointment Monday – Friday.  I set appointments up by phone.  The reason for this is by talking to a person I can get a better sense of what that person is looking for.  Sorry, you can’t get that in email or text.

The only information I want about the animal is: name, age, sex, breed.  I do not want to know what the situation is.  It allows me to start with the animal in a cleaner way.

Send me an email at the address below with your name and phone number and I will call you to talk about setting up an appointment.

Contact Sandy at:


1 hour $95.  1/2 hour $65.

Payment is due at time of service.  Credit Card


The work I do is not a substitute for professional veterinary care.  It can be complementary to veterinary care, never a substitute.

This page updated 3/30/2016