About Sandy

My first horse came into my life when I was five years old, so horses played a huge part in my growing up.  I literally grew up on horseback and being in the barn.  I trail rode, went to horse shows, joined United States Pony Club and at age twelve I came under the tutelage of a very wonderful stern mentor.  By the time I was eighteen I had a very strong well rounded foundation with horses.  This eventually allowed me to go on and work professionally as an instructor and trainer.

I loved what I did.  I was happiest while riding.

The old saying, God closes a door and opens a window, came true for me in early 1993.  A serious horse related injury changed my life in a second.  Due to the injury I could no longer do what I did with horses.  It was a crushing blow.  I found myself faced with a choice.  Feel sorry for myself and give up or accept what happened, learn from it, and move on.  It was a very slow two-year process.  Many times in those two years I wanted to quit.  Beam me up Scottie!

In 1995 God’s window opened.  I learned I could communicate with animals.  I had gone to an animal communication workshop a friend bullied me into going to.  In the first half hour of that workshop I understood I had been hearing the horses all my life I just did not know it.

From that workshop in 1995 till 1997 it was a battle between the horses and I.  They were, “you can hear us we want you to work with our humans”.  I was “there’s NO way I am going to announce to the world I talk to horses.  Not happening!”  I would get laughed out of the professional horsemens association.

Well you know who won since I am doing communication work.  The horses. They are a very persistent, pushy bunch.  They were God’s tool to bring me around to do the job that God wanted me to do.  One job was taken away and this was the job that came to replace it.

Acceptance was not easy.  I was not a happy camper.  As they say resistance is futile.  So in May of 1997 I agreed to do the communication work.  My agreement with the horses was, I would take the pictures they show me and as accurately as I am able translate them into words and I would deliver the communication unedited to their human. The horses were very clear if I edited or changed anything they would stop communicating with me.

After letting the world know I was doing communication work, the first three cases I worked on, the animals all died.  I got thrown in at the deep end.  The dying work started right from the beginning and has evolved and deepened over the last twenty years.

I created the blog in June of 2010.  It has been an interesting dance between technology, the horses/animals and me.   When writing posts I try to find a balance between dying and other topics.

Life is a process of evolution until it ends.  The ending phase is very important as it provides a wonderful time for learning and inner growth.  It is something that is essential and I would like to share what I am learning about end of life.

My deepest gratitude to all the horses and other animals that were and are my teachers. I continue to be their student.

This page updated 6/17/2017