Horses Book

From the beginning I always saw it as the horses’ book so I refer to the book that way.  It was suggested that the page title be my book and it didn’t feel right.

In 2000 the horses pushed me to tell their stories to humans.  They wanted humans to know about how it is for them to live in a human dominated world.  In 2004 I finally agreed to work with the horses on telling their point of view of life.  I saw the way to do that was write a book, they do not know what a book is, they just wanted their point of view told to humans.  The rest was up to me.

The horses and I worked for four years, me seeing their pictures and translating them to words.  I traveled to five different states.  They were slave drivers. The horses took me on a journey and adventure that changed my life, forever.

The result is   Horses: From Our Side of the Fence