It Simply Is

As a child I was very fortunate to have an adult in my life who taught me, dying is no big deal, it is simply part of life.  Being taught that so young is a big help in the work I do now. 

As I learned dying is part of life I also learned that I could miss the human or animal, be sad and then life went on.  I did not understand then that I was being taught not to let my emotions rule me.  They play a part and are not the whole part.  I began to see when I am emotional it is about me.

I thought that the emotional state was love.  That being upset was how love was.  At some point I began to understand if being emotional was about me then I was forgetting about the other being.  Which led me to see love is about the other being.  It is about allowing the other being to experience what they need.  It is not about me. 

When I am working with animals who are dying they show me they do not understand why their human is upset.  They think they have done something wrong to upset the human.  To them dying is no big deal, it simply is.  To them it is the dying rhythm movement.  The rhythm in the body keeps slowing until it stops and when it stops the body is no longer functional.  They do not understand humans don’t get that. 

Often an animal who is dying will show me to tell their human to put them outside in a quiet place and go away.  Think about this, in the wild when an animal is dying they are either pushed out or they go off on their own find a quiet spot to die. 

I find myself in the middle of the animal way and the human way.  I see both sides while the animal or human only sees theirs.   By creating clarity of each point of view there is a place in the middle for understanding to bloom.  With that understanding things get a lot calmer.  In the calmer place dying simply is. 

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