Here we are in 2018. I think it is going to be an interesting ride. 

In the last few weeks I have had two different opportunities to talk to people who had come across a dog wandering on the street.  In both cases the people were concerned the dog would get hit by a car. The humans decided to intervene as they both felt a great deal of concern. The dogs, however, did not see there was a problem.  If they got hit by a car then that was what happens when you don’t pay attention.     

There was a great deal of conversation with me trying to explain the dogs point of view.  I saw a huge difference between the human and dog way of seeing it .   

This exchange left me with questions.  What are we supposed to do seeing a dog on the street?  When is it appropriate to intervene?  Do they want us to intervene?  Do we have the right to intervene?  I am not sure there are definitive answers.

Let me give the dog point of view.  First, they do not see themselves as victims, that judgment comes from humans.  Animals do not have judgments or a complicated thought process.  They are hard wired for whatever species they are, in this case dogs.  They do not have all the mental stuff humans have.  Life simply is for them.

I will share where I have come to on this subject.  I used to be the queen of thinking animals needed to be rescued.  I thought I knew what was best for them.  I look back and I cringe.  I see now I used  rescue as a distraction to keep me from looking at my own life. The truth was I wanted to be rescued so I thought they did too.    

It was not until years later when I started to look at my own life and realize it was up to me to make changes that I also started to see animals as beings with their own life path.  I came to the realization I am only responsible for me, a huge turning point.  The more I took responsibility for myself the less I focused on everyone else’s lives, human or animal.

Now when I see a dog on the street I ask “Is there anything you want from me?”  They say “no” and go on their way.

I leave it to you to come to your own conclusion.  There is no right or wrong way here.  It is a point of view. 

Since I have come to the awareness of letting the world be, no one is asking me to rescue them.  A nice peaceful place to be.


5 thoughts on “Do?

  1. Hi Sandy,

    Have you talked to animals in a shelter environment vs living out free in the world?

    Just wondering.


    Love ya.

    • Yes I have. And some of them wanted to be free in the world. Their freedom was most important to them. Thanks for the comment.

      • Thanks for the answer Sandy. I don’t know if you can comment on this but I’m curious about the animals in a shelter situation that came from a home rather than the streets. Are they OK in the shelter for the most part or do they really want to get back into a home? (Although I realize they could have come from a bad situation.) Humans feel sorry for them in a shelter but is this really a hardship for them? Or like many things, just too individual to say. Thanks again!

        • Kristin It is really too individual. I see many different reactions to go from a home to a shelter. I have to remember that no one is a victim whatever is going on. Then work with each situation. Sandy

  2. This one is really hard, even though I know it’s true. But it goes against the compassion that lives in our hearts. I wish they could hold up a sign that told me exactly what they wanted so it would be easier to do what they wanted instead of letting my thoughts interfere. As always, a work in progress. Thank you for another thought-provoking blog.

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