In my last post I wrote about everything in our lives is an experience, humans and animals alike.

For me the question came up, if I am to honor my animal’s experience what do I have to do?  What is the action or non-action?   The answer is allow.  I have to be willing to allow my animal to have their experience.   What does that look like?

For the past two years I have been working with Rick and his old, not well, dog Merlin.   It was a series of ups and downs and in the process Rick wanted very much to do what was best for Merlin.  At times the question of euthanasia came up.  Each time Merlin was very clear he wanted to be here and Rick got it.  There was a lot of care and management involved and what I saw was allowing.  Rick would stand back and allow Merlin to be with the condition of his body, allowing him to have the experience of the condition of his body.  I was in awe of the amount of care Rick was willing to give for two years and the whole time staying in allowing and at times it was not pretty, yet Rick stuck with it.

For the past six months it was a slow steady spiral of Merlin moving in the direction of dying.  Rick had some tough moments watching Merlin’s process and he was steadfast in allowing Merlin his experience.  In allowing we stand back and do not let our emotions take hold.  Allowing is a calm place, and not always comfortable.

A few days ago Rick called to check in with Merlin to make sure Merlin still wanted to leave in his own rhythm.  The answer was yes.  Although it was hard to watch, on one level, Rick said the feeling was very peaceful.  Merlin was gone in 24 hours.  This was Rick’s first experience of allowing an animal to leave on their own.  He said it was an amazing experience and the time with Merlin was precious.  No regrets.  He said it expanded his view of life, giving him deeper awareness of life and how precious it is, and not to waste one second of it.

I am learning allowing is love, as I have to step outside of my emotions, it does not matter what I think or believe.  It is about the other beings experience.

Thank you Rick and Merlin for letting me to be a part of your experience, an opportunity for me to learn more about allowing.  My hat is off to you.

3 thoughts on “Allow

  1. This was a great reminder today as we continue to watch Toby’s neurologic issues plague him. He has started to lose bowel and bladder control every once in a while. And he stumbles, then can’t get back up without our help. He still has all his mental capacities…it’s the body that is failing. But hey, he’s still a goof and living life to the fullest, so we try to join him in his silliness.

  2. Kudos to Rick on his journey with Merlin. I concur completely. The little ones I listened to and let them pass on their own were the easiest passings of all my pets. I thought it would be horrible and how could I possibly get through it, but it was calm and peaceful. And I never shed a tear after they left. It just was. And life goes on. It’s the ones that I made the decision to push them out too early (before knowing Sandy), that were the hardest. Maybe it’s hard for everyone because they’re trying to tell us and we don’t listen. Maybe we don’t struggle because of the decision, we struggle because deep down, it’s not the time and somewhere in our hearts and minds, we know it.

  3. Thank you for the post – I see how allowing is such a sacred gift, not only for the animal but for yourself. The courage to allow and go through this process opens a door for this sacred experience.

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