Happy 4th

Has been awhile.

On this day of celebrating our Independence, I want to take a moment to give thanks to those who brought us to Independence and the sacrifices they made to achieve independence.

My question to myself is where could I do more to achieve inner independence.  To liberate the quiet voice inside me that really knows everything.  It is hard to hear the quiet voice when the loud voice is so noisy, thinks it knows everything and just does not shut up. 

It is the quiet voice that can help us when something is wrong with an animal.  It is the loud often emotional voice that keeps us from the knowing of the quiet voice.  My silence for the last months on the blog is that I have been working on getting quiet.  Of becoming more aware of the noisy voice and taking a moment to get quiet.  When I get quiet everything around me quiets down. 

I just realized that is what I do when I am working with a horse.  I learned a long time ago being upset and agitated when doing something with a horse gets you in trouble fast and often hurt.  Horses take a quiet steady hand and I know how to do that.  Now I can take that and bring it into other areas.  Simple. 

You can trust those quiet little nudges you get when there is a problem with your animal.  Often when I am working with someone and their animal and I tell the person what their animal showed me they will say I felt that and did not trust it. 

On this day of Independence take a moment and thank your quiet voice.  It is always there for us.  We just have to get quiet enough to listen. 

7 thoughts on “Happy 4th

  1. I started learning many years ago from you Sandy. The quiet, the calm, the peaceful, is the place where the truth lives. The place where the truth is spoken.
    Thank you for starting to teach me this. I try to listen every day. I try to be quiet every day. When I trust the quiet and the voice that speaks from there, I know the truth is within reach.
    Thank you!

    • Thank you for your lovely reply. Helps me to keep going. Everyday I am learning quiet and listening. It is a great adventure.

  2. getting quiet enough to act instead of react to a situation. easier for me with a horse, not so easy to access for myself. When with the horses turning off the other noises comes automatically. I guess I need to keep a horse with me all the time 🙂

  3. Good advice. I too have to get quiet. Sometimes I forget, then I have to go back and work on it again.
    Hope you are having a good holiday.

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