Lost Dog

About a month ago, in the morning, a call came from Melinda, her dog Rose was missing.  She had come home from work the previous day to find Rose gone.  Melinda explained Rose had gone thru the invisible electric fence and she was wearing the collar keyed to the fence.

Melinda said she had called all the local vets and shelters, plus she had gone on Facebook.  There were roughly 14,000 people on the internet who were aware Rose was missing.  In all those people no one had seen her.

Before I opened to Rose, Melinda said she felt Rose had been upset with her lately.  I said sometimes if they are upset with us they will leave.

The tough part of lost animal work is they show up the same to me whether they are in their body of out of it.

I opened up to Rose and she cautiously made contact.  She felt her human’s upset.  It also felt like Rose was close by.  I explained to Melinda that our upset feelings will keep a dog from coming home.  The dog cannot discern what the human is upset about, just like a 2 1/2 year old human child.  The child or animal will think they did something wrong to upset Mom or human.  They simply do not have the discernment skills.

I explained to Rose yes her human was upset and I explained to Melinda that she needed to calm her emotions.  Then I showed Rose it was safe to go to her territory.  I showed her there was no sting now with the fence, so it was safe.

I could feel Rose take all this in.  I also showed Rose that we understood she was upset with Melinda.  I did not work with that upset as it was too much for her.  It is best to keep it simple.  It is safe to go to her territory.

The last thing I did was visualized a 500 foot pole with a light that was blue over the top of Melinda’s house and showed Rose is was safe to go to that light.  I asked Melinda to visualize this as well.  Don’t ask me why blue, it just felt right.

I told Melinda that was the best I could do, the rest was up to Rose.

Melinda called me late afternoon.  When she came home from work Rose was lying on the front door step.  The big thing that helped was Melinda got her emotions under control and Rose felt it was safe to come back.

I love happy endings.

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  1. I just happened to stop by your website, as you have been on my mind lately. I am SO glad you see, however reluctantly, that you are blogging again.

    We need to read what you have to say. Over and over and over again.

    Just Do It!

    Much Love,

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