End of Life

I am being nudged to continue writing about animals and dying.  One of the things I see over and over when working with an animal who is in the dying rhythm movement is they are clear they want to die in their own rhythm.  Which means not to be euthanized.

I want to be clear here.  I am relaying what the animals show me and this is not me saying animals should not be euthanized.  I do not want to hear of anyone saying “Sandy says on her blog animals should not be euthanized”.  You want to see me really angry just let someone say that.  What I am doing is giving the animal’s point of view on dying.

They are teaching me their end of life is a very rich time for them to work on what they came to learn in this particular life time.

I am working with a cat now.  He can’t get up on his own anymore; he eats and drinks, purrs and is clear he is very alive.  A couple of weeks ago the question of euthanasia came up.  The human was torn so she called me.  In working with him he showed me the lesson he is working on is his will.  He has a very strong will.  All his life he has been able to will his way through challenges.

Now he is discovering his will is not working the way it did.  He is learning acceptance and surrender for what his will can’t change.  He is also seeing there is a bigger movement then his will is.  He had never seen this before.  The bigger movement is the Divine that moves through everything.

This is a huge discovery for him.  At the end of the session his human agreed to let him follow his own dying rhythm movement.  One of the things he wanted his human to know was, don’t get stuck in what it looks like and she listened.  She realized there is something big going on here and she wants to give him the chance to have his own movement and discovery.  She is willing to put herself aside so he can do what he needs to do.  To me this is a beautiful loving gift.

What I am passing on here is an example of what I am being shown by an animal moving toward the end of his life.   There is no blanket statement being made here.  I am simply sharing a story of a cat and his human and their journey together.

My work with dying animals is such an eye opener for me.  I am doing a lot of rethinking how I look at death.  Is it always comfortable?  No.  I am being taken out of my comfort zone and being asked to see someone else’s point of view on the end of life.

The phone just rang and it is this cat’s human, which blew me away as here I sit writing about them, reporting he is still here and she and he are having a very special time.  She wanted me to know how wonderful it is to be a part of his journey.

The animals are simply asking us to take a look at their point of view.

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  1. Sandy, your recent blog post is pushing me on getting Star’s story out there, at her request if you remember. And haven’t I been remiss. I keep thinking I’m going to do it then something else comes along. Now, I’m going to put it together this week! Thanx for the gentle push. AND Star thanks you for your transmitting her wishes so she could experience “the bigger movement of Divine” and not just her will.

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