Attitude II

In the aftermath of my Attitude post I really started to beat myself up.  Judging myself.  Putting a great deal of pressure which just put me in a downward spiral of upset.  I had to give myself some slack.  Having awareness of my attitude does not come in one big awareness.  No, it comes in lots, lots and lots of little awareness’s over a span of time.  Like the rest of my life!

As I said in the Attitude post our animals are not victims in their lives with us.  So there was another place I could take pressure off myself.  The cat with me gets to have experiences of living with a human by her choice.  And there are times I do not have a great attitude.  Mostly she ignores me, as cats do.  Dogs and horses are different.  They are much more aware of our attitudes good or not so good.  Also they are more likely to suck the grey clouds in to create balance.

And everything is just perfect.  I believe we live in a big school on this planet.  All our experiences have the capability to teach us about ourselves.  Same for animals on their level.

I realized I go off to off the rails.  Then I get to be aware of the attitude and put myself back on the rails.  Remembering attitude is energy.  Up or down.  No judgment.  My judgment just creates upset and stress.

I am responsible for how I am in any given moment.  It is a process, it is living in a body.  It is a great adventure which we share with our animals.

I appreciate all of of you.  Thank you for sharing the journey.


I am in the process of looking into Podcasts and YouTube, exploring how to use them as a way of sharing.  A bit intimidating and a steep learning curve.  Also more intimate as its my voice, Podcasts, and image YouTube that will be out there.  Really scary and could be fun.  Little steps grasshopper.


This morning I had an Aah Ha moment.

Attitude is energy

Animals almost daily show me the grey clouds that come off of their humans.  The grey clouds are a low vibration energy that come off us when we are upset.  This energy floats in the air in our houses and our animals see this energy as grey clouds.

I show the animal the clouds belong to their human and is for their human to deal with.  That the animal is to leave the clouds float.  I do this as animals will often suck the clouds into themselves to bring the house back into balance.  In sucking in the clouds it lowers the animal’s energy and over time can cause an imbalance in the animal’s body.

I am also explaining to the human that their upset has an affect on their animal and I suggest the human say to the animal “I am upset, I will deal with the upset, you are doing a good job.”  Otherwise the animal thinks they have done something wrong to upset the human.  This helps create clarity on both sides

Back to my Aah Ha.  I have used the word upset in connection with the grey clouds for a long time.  This morning when I got “attitude is energy” I then made the connection that upset is an attitude.

That lead to, my attitude is an energy that affects my animal.  I am having a feeling stupid moment that I did not see this until now.  I got the upset part, I just did not get the upset is an attitude part.

This brings me to being aware of my attitude.  What is my attitude in any moment?  My attitude affects my animal and everything around me.

This means I am responsible.  I am stopping here as this has just rocked my world.