Lesson of a Mama Cow ll

You just have to love the Universe’s sense of humor. 

Being an older human I like printed copies of my posts.  So after I sent my post off into cyber space yesterday I went to make a printed copy.  Since I had written about patience the Universe smiled and gave me a little test.

About a third of the page was printed when the printer stopped. The on button was flashing and the printer made a beeping sound.  In my limited way with these things I did something, then another something, still no printing. 

In the middle of this the four legged being I live with decided she required my full attention with her piercing voice.  I tried to ignore her.  She was not to be denied.  My printer and computer were not talking.  Me, no patience in sight. 

As I was about to boil over, I looked at myself and I started laughing.  The whole event was perfectly orchestrated to give me the opportunity for me to see my lack of patience works against me.  I thought about the mama cow and realized patience is possible. 

With my improved attitude I put the demanding one on my lap, turned the printer off, unplugged it from the computer and started over.  It is amazing what a change of attitude makes, as my printer then gave me three copies of the post.

Give me animals anytime.  Thanks mama cow for being a wonderful role model. 

Lesson of a Mama Cow

There are a lot of cattle in the area I live in and with something I see all the time I don’t really pay attention to them.  They are simply a part of the scenery.

Several days ago as I was driving past a pasture with cattle in it, I heard “Look at me”.  I slowed the car and there was a cow staring at me.  She had a roughly two month old bull calf nursing on her. I stopped the car and watched her and the calf.  The calf was butting his head against her udder so the milk would drop down.

She stood absolutely still while he nursed and she wanted me to know she likes her job raising this calf.  That she is really good at it.

I realized as I watched how patient she was, standing quietly, allowing the calf butt her to get his milk.  The look on her face was peaceful, content and patient.

The patience is what really grabbed me.  I was being shown through her, this is what patience looks like.   It was a very humbling moment to realize this mama cow has patience and I do not.

Patience is up.  Thank you mama cow for being there setting a lovely example for me to follow.  I have some work to do.

Clarity on What I Do ll

I want to extend, expand on the post I wrote 4/3,  “Clarity on What I Do”.

It seems to me that people think being a telepath means that person, me, has access to everything in the other beings mind and life.  I do not have the right to blast into any beings mind or life.  I can only have the connection to that being by their permission.  And I am only allowed to see what they want me to see.  It is not a free for all, parlor tricks, or a spectator sport.

There is a great deal of responsibility and discipline to this work and when I made the agreement with the animals I took that on willingly. They hold me accountable everyday.

If I use the gift irresponsibly the Universe will come down on me like a ton of bricks.  The animals themselves made that clear to me when I first started this work twenty years ago.  They made it clear I was to take what they showed me and relay that exactly to their human. No edits, interpretations, or deletions on my part.  And they hold my feet to the fire on that. The animals made it crystal clear if I did not relay exactly to their human, they would stop showing me anything.

Something else, when I am out in the world, I am not able to see anything with those around me.  I mind my own business.  It is not my job to interfere in anyone’s life.  I don’t want to know about anyone else’s life.  Unless I am asked to connect then I will open up to that animal.  However, just because they show me something, I may not be able to do anything.  If I don’t have the human on board, my  hands are tied.

I have to remember nothing happens to anyone without their creation and permission.  No one is a victim.  That is another important piece to doing this job.  My job is to listen, period.

It is very humbling to know I am not in charge   I am blessed to have all of you.

Clarity on What I Do

I want to clear something up.  When I am working with an animal I am doing that telepathically.  I am only able to get what that animal shows me on their level.  They don’t have labels, like cancer or liver failure.  Often they will not show me that anything is wrong even though their human sees something is wrong.  The reason they will not show me is that their hard wiring says, if there is something wrong with me, the pack, herd or pride will kick me out, as they are a detriment to the rest. Survival is what they are wired for. 

It is not a straight line working with them.  Their human is expecting I am going to be able to find out everything and with the proper label.  I can’t, cause they don’t know.  That is why I work with both the animal and their human.  I go back and forth putting the pieces together until we get to how the animal is feeling. Then the human is better able to make a decision on what to do. 

If you want a diagnosis then you need a veterinarian.  That is what they are trained to do.  I do a lot of work with a veterinarian in Colorado.  She does her job and my job is to find out how the animal feels about what is going on.  That helps her and the animal’s human to understand which creates clarity, helping the human to calm down and that helps the animal greatly. 

I don’t have a crystal ball, thank God.  What I do have is a mind to mind with animals that is a rich connection with them.  The outcome is so much stronger than knowing a label or bits of information, like what color collar do they want, they don’t care.  What they care about is if their human is a strong leader and strong leaders are calm.    

Been a dry spell, maybe this will get the juices flowing again.  Everyone I talk to says they feel like they are in a crucible.  The Divine is burning off impurities, refining us, taking us to a higher version of ourselves.  I have to remember I signed up for this.  What was I thinking!