Happy Solstice

On this solstice eve I wish you a happy end of the dark period and welcome to the return of light. Thank heaven.  This past month of the days being shorter and colder has been a really tough time for myself and everyone I talked to, human and animal.

It has felt like being squeezed hard.  Of being pushed to live from a higher place and a dying off of the lower less functional place in us.  A really wild ride.  There have been days where I felt I could barely keep my head above water.

Even though it has not felt great, the good news is with the solstice tomorrow the energy shift is complete for now, things are easing up a bit.

For myself I feel all this is pushing is encouraging me to be more responsible for how I live my life.  To be more aware of what I am thinking, saying and feeling. That means catching the negative stuff before I act on it.  Catch it at the thought stage, being more aware of what I am thinking in a given moment.

We tend to function on auto pilot.  Not being very aware of what is going on in our heads.  Stuff flies out of our mouths with little awareness of what we are saying and how it may affect those around us, especially our animals.  I see the affects on animals all the time when I am working with them.

My new years resolution is I am committed to taking a higher responsibility for how I live and conduct myself every day.  Which means being in the moment, being present to myself right now and catching the garbage in my head. No small task.

The animals are showing me how much easier it is on them when I am present, calmer and not spewing negative energy.  I am grateful to them for what they show me about myself.

Happy solstice!  The sun is coming back.

Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth is an expression we hear and see a lot during this holiday season.  We seem to think that it is something that happens out there, almost like a big switch that is flipped creating instant peace on earth. 

As I sat with the idea of peace on earth, it began to occur to me the peace is not out there as the collective, it is in here as the individual.  It is in me.  It is a choice of attitude I make in the moment.  It is me, it is you where peace comes from.   

So I am changing it from Peace on Earth to Peace in Us. 

It is the Peace in Us that creates Peace on Earth. That is my wish and gift for the holidays to all of you lovely people.

Peace in Us for Christmas and New Year.