Giving Thanks

Here we are nearing the end of another year which brings us to the time of year we give thanks. I find it is a great time to pause from this fast paced world we live in and take a quiet moment.  To just stop the blah, blah, blah turmoil that goes on in my mind.  To allow the quiet voice to be heard.  For it is the quiet voice that knows about giving thanks.

My blah, blah voice, can’t be still, wants bigger better, flashier and louder.  Wants to be noticed. Wants to be thought of as knowing and smart.  Wants to be a big deal, known to many.  Wants respect for what it knows or thinks it knows.  It can’t be thankful for anything as it is always wanting more.  Nothing is ever enough for it.

Right now I am going to thank my blah, blah voice and get still and allow my quiet voice to be heard and this is what that voice has to say.

To all the animals who allow me to hear them and work with them I am thankful.  To all the people who call me looking for answers to what is going on with their animals I give thanks. I am thankful for the gift that allows me to hear and see both points of view, animal and human.  I am thankful for the contentment of where I live, that one was a hard one to reach.  There are many many more so I just say thank you for them

Lastly and very importantly I want to thank all of you who stick with me on this blog.  You all deserve medals for your patience and stick to it ness.  You help me keep going when the demon of self doubt raises its ugly head.  Which it has done a lot this year.

I had a realization last week that the words above the banner photo made a specific about hearing the animals.  Well I find I am often nudged to write about human stuff.  So last week I changed the words above the banner to include humans and I have to add that I figured out how to change the words on my own!  A huge event.  Which opens it up to write about both, hopefully allowing me to write more often.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a time to be still.  It is our quiet voice that is our real voice. May we all listen to it more in the coming year.  Many thanks and blessings.