Making a Difference

While out feeding horses this morning I started thinking about a young person I know who is at a crossroads; what is the next step and this next step has to make a difference in the world.  The weight of the step having to make a difference in the world has this young person bogged down unable to make any decisions, basically stuck. 

So I asked myself the question, what does making a difference in the world look like?  Does it have a size?  How many people does it have to affect?  Is it a job?  Is it moving someplace else?   Is it the size of the problem solved?  Does only solving large problems count?  Does it have to be a problem to count? 

As the list grew and could grow much larger, I was stunned at the complexity of what seemed a simple question.  I thought no wonder this young person is having a hard time choosing a next step. 

Something I have learned from working with horses is, when faced with what looks like a complex problem chunk it down into smaller simpler pieces.  In doing that I always came to a simple solution.   

Using what I learned with horses, I applied that to what does making a difference look like?  The simple answer is, how I conduct myself as I go through my day.  If I am grumpy and snarly to those I come in contact with, I create a negative difference.  If I am smiling and pleasant I create a positive difference to each being I come in contact with. 

To think of changing the world.  It is only my world I can change or make a difference in by doing simple actions in the moment.  Those actions create a ripple affect out into the world.  Making a difference starts with myself and the rest flows from how I choose to be. It is that simple.

I wrote this post for my wonderful young friend.  I hope it helps.