What Makes a Strong Leader?

This morning I was finishing a session with a client and her dog.  The dog showed me his human is a strong leader for him as he nears the end of his life.  His human is staying out of his way, allowing him to work through the issue of his will not wanting to let go. He is totally free to work through this in his way and time.

The ahaa that came to me as we were about to finish is; strong leaders are in control of their emotions.  There is emotional stability, their emotions are not driving them and they are in the drivers seat which puts them in a place of clarity/calm with the animal.

Now does this mean they never loose control emotionally?  No. They do, though, recognize when they are in an emotional state and that it is not a good time to work with their animal.  They know when to remove themselves, get themselves centered and once centered they are back in a calm place being clear with their animal.  Back in strong leadership.

Our upset emotions clouds things,sending distorted energy to our animal which confuses them because we are in a confused state.

Now does this mean we beat ourselves up?  No.  Something I do when I get emotional is I stop and take 3 very conscious breathes.  I wrote about this awhile ago. I also will not work with an animal when I am in an upset state.

I never made this connection before between strong leadership and an upset emotional state.  When I am working I talk to clients all the time about leadership.  Now when I am working I will include being calm as an important component to strong leadership.

I love it when something comes out of the blue like this.  It is an ongoing process of understanding how things work.  I needed this cause I was really, really lost and stuck.