The Importance of Names

I am amazed how often when working with animals, the issue comes up, they do not like their name..

They have no concept of the alphabet. For them it is the energy in the name.  How we string letters together to form a name creates an energy that the name vibrates to.  When a name is not working for an animal it means the name is not a vibrational match for that animal. 

Think about your own name and how it feels to you.  I know people who have changed their name as the name they were given did not feel right to them.  It is really important how our name feels to us. 

It is the same for animals.  If the name is not a vibrational match then there is discord.  Animals feel the discord just the way we do, only on their level.  It is not a thought process for them. 

When I am asked to help name or rename an animal I get quiet and I ask for four, what I call, embodiment words.that are a reflection of who the animal is.  Example: Dog female  Beauty, Feminine, Wise, Loyal.  This dogs name wants to reflect these qualities.  A name like Fluffy is not a reflection here.  A name like Bella is.

With the animals pushing me today I said ok I will write about names and explain how very important it is to them.  Often I have people tell me their animal came to them already named and they are having a hard time with the name.  I tell them they are feeling it from their animal and it is ok to create a new name that has a better feel. 

I see it as a wonderful opportunity to think outside the box of what I know.  Sit with your animal and see what comes up.  Sometimes it takes awhile.  That is ok.  It is also a chance to share something that is important 

Don’t listen to what any one else says.  Trust yourself and your animal.  Make it fun. 


The Story

The story we tell about our animals is energy and as such has the power to affect..  Every time we tell the story we enliven the event again.  We are putting the past into the present when we repeat it.

This is a dove tail to the post on pity.  Pity is often a part of the story. I am amazed at how much time we put into these stories.  We put a lot of energy into keeping them alive. In doing this we hugely affect our animals.  Like I said in the post on pity, we vomit a low vibrational energy onto an animal when we pity them, it is the same when we tell the story.

Most of the animals I work with come from a shelter.  Many of them were in not the best circumstances before they arrived at the shelter and that is the story. Yes these things happened and do we really want to keep them alive?  That is what happens every time we repeat the story, we keep it alive. The why we do it does not matter, that we do does.

I have people ask me all the time what can I do to better take care of my animal.  My reply is stop the pity and stop telling the story of what happened to their animal before that animal came to them.  It is over, it is the past.  If we keep the past alive then that is what we live our present from.

How do I know this?  It is what I am dealing with now myself.  I have been telling my story and keeping the past alive and surprise it is affecting my present.  Yah think?

None of us, animal or human are victims.   What happens in our lives is what we agreed to experience while here.  It is what we DO with the experience that matters.  Choose to be a victim or use the experience to learn something about ourselves and grow from it.

The next time you start to tell the story, stop and think, is this how I want to affect my animal?


When I write a post and click the publish button, it is like sending the post off into deep unknown space.  A black hole.  I feel like I am sending my post off to this huge place and will my post find friends out there?  It’s very much like sending your child off to their first day of school.

Your comments let me know my post has found a friend.  I can’t tell you how wonderful that is for me.  It is what keeps me writing.

I want to apologize on replying. I am embarrassed to admit I could not figure out how to do it and I will.  What a learning curve this is on many levels.

I appreciate all of you very much and thank you for your comments.


The animals are pushing me to write about what it is like for them when we pity them.

I hear over and over, I feel sorry for or I feel pity for, when I am talking to humans about their animals.  As soon as these words are out of their mouth, I feel an immediate drop in the energy of the conversation.  Instant down.

Then I immediately have their animal showing me how they get slammed with this low vibrational energy.  It is being vomited on energetically, not a pretty picture nor does it feel good and animals do not like it.  No one likes it.

When we feel pity or feel sorry for, we are automatically saying that animal is a victim in their life.  And more often then not, that animal has to be rescued.  Which makes us feel pretty good about ourselves.

Oh I know about feeling pity and rescuing.  I was the queen of pity and rescue up until about twenty years ago when I started hearing animals and they started kicking my butt around the block..  A very humbling experience.

What I started to see, it was a way of not dealing with my own garbage.  If I was meddling in someone else’s life I did not have to look at my own.  I did not have to look at my choices or be responsible for those choices. It was always someone else’s fault.  Not.

So the next time you find yourself feeling pity for an animal, stop and step back.  Take a moment to think, if you continue, you are vomiting energetically on that animal.

It was only because I felt so bad about myself that I pitied others.  The world starts with me and how I choose to be in it at any given moment.  It is a work in progress.  That is why the Universe has me write about it.