The Messenger

The past few weeks I have been directionless.  That place of, where do I go, what do I do?  And I am hearing this same thing from the many people I talk to.  I asked for help and help was sent.

I am at the Laundromat forced to sit quietly as I have forgotten my cell phone.  I look down on the tile floor and there is a tiny ant moving around.  I watch it move and to my way of thinking it moves erratically.  Moving one direction a little ways then slightly turning going another.  At one point it was almost a circle, except not round.

I think silly ant you have no direction.  In a flash I catch myself being critical of this ant.  So I stopped and watched without criticism.  When I suspended my judgment I saw the ant was simply being its ant self. Going its ant way.  It was in the now moving where it was moved to go.  No thought, no judgment, no worry is this the right direction, no great message for me, it just moved.  It did not care I was there.

After it disappeared I saw I am the one with no direction. 

I have been floundering around with what to write for a blog post.  There were topics that came to mind and were suggested by others.  There was no direction or movement to write about them.

What I learned from this small ant today is in appearing to have no direction, there is  direction in that.  It is ok to move and outwardly appear to have no direction.  The direction comes from inside not what it looks like outside. 

The horses have showed me for years they follow the movement.  If there is no movement they are still.  When there is movement they move.  Direction and movement are interchangeable. 

This opens a door.  I can feel movement and it will be fun to see where it takes me. Thank you ant.