New Year

For many of us 2015 was the year someone we loved dearly left us.  My Mom leaving was the end of life as I knew it.  It also brought a new responsibility with Flossy living with me.

A lot of change.

As I went through the emotional time in the aftermath of Mom leaving, I realized no one needed my sadness dumped on them.  It took a few days of being out doing errands and dumping on the people I came in contact with that the light went on.

I stood at the check out and after voicing my sadness to the clerk I felt the energy drop like a stone and bing the light went on as I walked away.  I was doing what the animals show me, they were reminding me, I was emitting the grey clouds with my sadness and lowering the energy in the area and effecting all in that area.

I thanked the animals for the, snap out of it!

I remembered every moment is a choice of how I am.  The next stop that day when I got to the check out I smiled at the person.  And when they asked how are you I responded smiling, I am great.  They smiled back and we had a lovely moment together.  I walked out feeling lighter and brighter.  Rather then leaving grey clouds I left sunshine.

My wish for 2016 is smiles and laughter for myself and all around me.

Happy New Year with a smile and much laughter!!