The Power of Words

A few weeks ago a friend sent me a video clip.  I almost ignored it and then I had a strong nudge to watch it.  As I watched I thought its ok.

Well the end of the clip kicks it up many notches.  I went from its ok to engaged, seriously engaged.  My whole being sat up and took notice.  What was the difference?  It was words.  Simple words that were powerful.  I watched it five more times and got the same reaction each time.  Now that’s power.

This is the address for the clip:

Blogs are about words.  It is not the words themselves it is how the words are strung together to create a response in the reader.  Enabling the reader to have an experience of going outside the box of what they know.

That is my goal with this blog.  To take the images animals show me and turn them into words.  To create a bridge of understanding between two very different points of view, human and animal.

It has not been a straight line to get to this point.  There have been road blocks, dead ends and sometimes what felt like being on the wrong road.  I have not been lost I was just not where I was supposed to be.  It was not a place outside it was a place inside that I had to find.

Having arrived at that inner place I can now move forward with using words.  Will be interesting to see how this unfolds.