Finding Christmas

It has been 3 years since my last post.  I had no idea it was that long.  In the last several years I have lost the wonder of this time of year.  It has become flat, more duty than joy.

This morning I woke up feeling I needed to find Christmas.  Somewhere along the way I took a turn and got lost.  The pressure to find that special feeling again was strong.

So I got in the car and headed up to Anderson, SC which is a bustling store filled place.  Thinking maybe I would find Christmas there among all the shoppers.  There is a little town I pass through on the way to the Interstate and as I approached this town I got a nudge to stop at the little health food store there.  This was not in my plan.  I have learned not to ignore nudges, so I stopped.

The shop is in a nice old house.  I went in and just started looking at things and the woman who owns the shop asked if she could help.  I told her I was not sure what I was looking for.  She laughed.

She started telling me about a small dog, which was sick and she was nursing him.  I listened as she explained what she was doing and how the dog was responding.  She was so sincere in her efforts for this little guy.

I rarely ever tell people I meet that I do animal communication work and I am standing there really being pushed to tell this gal what I do.  I know it sounds so stupid you would think after all these years I would get over it, well I haven’t.  I managed tell her in a choking sort of way and her response could not have been nicer.

She asked if I could work with the dog right then.  I was so surprised I said yes.  We went into the room where the dog was resting on a blanket in a laundry basket.  I sat on the floor about 3 feet from the basket as he did not want me to touch him; he also wanted me to take my baseball cap off.

The three of us had a lovely time.  They were both a joy to work with.  When we finished I felt the joy of service.  My heart was touched and I realized I had found Christmas in that little shop with this lovely woman and dog.

Merry Christmas!  It was so simple.