Tree and Mistletoe

It has been a long time since I have made a post.  My New Year resolution is to get back to writing.

Living in Georgia is good.  Has taken some time to adjust to a very different environment, so most of my energy went to settling in and I am enjoying warmer and moister.

In the fall I started doing morning walks and on these walks I noticed trees that had lost their leaves and had round ball shaped groups of green leaves still on the tree.  I was curious so I asked a friend what kind of tree did this.

I was told it was not a type of tree.  These trees had mistletoe growing on them and the mistletoe was the green leave balls and the mistletoe would eventually kill the tree.  My friend went on to say how sad it was and that the mistletoe is a nasty parasite.  I let myself get sucked into what a terrible thing this is.

The next morning on my walk I passed one of the trees with the mistletoe growing on it.  I started to do my pity thing and the tree showed me it did not want my pity and it was fine with the mistletoe growing on it.

The animals have been very adamant with me on the pity thing and you would imagine by now I would think before I felt pity for anything!

I stood looking up at the tree and then the mistletoe showed me it had a job to do.  It did not take hold on strong trees and the mistletoe is part of nature’s pruning system.

The tree was ok with the mistletoe taking of its’ life force.  It was a slow process of leaving and that it was fine and the lesson is surrender.  The mistletoe’s lesson is how much to take.  I began to see it is about balance and coexistence.  The tree is not a victim and the mistletoe is not the bad guy.  I thanked them both for setting me straight.

It helped me remember, the Universe knows what it is doing and no one needs my pity and sad thoughts.

Now when I walk by the tree I have a light heart and know all is well in the world.