The Work I Do

The two young horses arrived safely to their new territory and human, who is thrilled to have them there.  They are doing very nicely adjusting.  All is well which I am grateful for.

I would like to write a bit about inter-species translation which is what I call the work I do.  When I first started I called it animal communication which technically it is.  The longer I did the communication work the more I began to realize yes I was communicating and it was more then that.

Let me go back to the base which is telepathy.  The way I communicate with an animal is through telepathy.  I have a mind to mind connection with them so I am working specifically with that animal at that time.  They send me pictures which I translate into words.  I also send pictures back, so it is a two way communication.  Since I am working specifically with that animal I am only able to receive what they show me.  Whatever is important to the animal is what I am going to get from them.  Very often it is different from what their human is concerned about or the questions their human has for them.

I have worked with animals who had a serious health issue and they did not see it as a problem and could not understand why their human was emitting the little dark clouds. Actually the human being upset, dark clouds, was harder on the animal then what was going on physically.

I am not a pet physic.  Nor do I do readings, I do sessions.  To me that means I am not surfing the airwaves looking for information.  What I do is translate from the language of pictures to the language of words.  I do my best to translate accurately what the animal’s point of view is.  There is no room for interpretation.  That would be me putting my spin on it.  I have to put my beliefs aside, what I believe does not matter.  It is the animal’s point of view that is most important.  If I put my junk in then I am not doing my job.  All I would be doing is going on an ego trip which serves no one.

It can be a hard line to walk especially when an animal is showing me something the human does not want to hear.   When I started out I made an agreement with the animals that I would relay cleanly what they present to me, period.  This at times makes me not popular with the humans.

Hopefully this will give you a little idea of how I came to call what I do, inter-species translation.  It has been an interesting journey.


Letting Go

The filly and colt leave today.

I am waiting for the shipper to get here.   All the horses feel the coming change in their herds both mares and geldings.

I’ve done my best to prepare them for the long trip and new territory they are going to.  It is easier for animals when I show them whatever the change is.  It is up to them how they use it.

Early this morning the mares were in the farthest part of their 153 acre pasture.  They were protecting the filly.  I saw the same with the two older geldings and the colt.

The last colt is standing with me as I write.  He is curious.  He too will be leaving within the next two weeks.  I’m coming to the end of a chapter.  The end of the job.

I’m doing my very best to not create little dark emotional clouds.  I see their leaving as the natural way of life.  In the wild, young stallions leave their dam’s herd and join a bachelor band.  The same is true of fillies, they too will move into a new herd.  The difference here is it is humans who dictate the move.

More times then not horses are moved to new places like they were pieces of furniture.  Very little thought is given to the horse and how they feel.  I was guilty of this before the horses showed me differently.  The horses are teaching me to ask them how they feel about a move.  Sometimes they do not want to leave and then I do my best to explain, simply, why they have to go.  When they understand the why they then can accept and this acceptance makes it easier.

There is still the adjusting to a new territory and the humans and animals there.  That is true of any move, human or animal.

Very often the horse will feel they did something wrong and that is why the human sent them away.  When they understand they didn’t do something wrong and that for what ever reason the human had to let them go, it is so much easier for them to move on.  I do this type of work a lot.

I have done what I can; now the rest is up to this filly and colt in how they  work with the experiences in their new territory.  They are old enough now to start learning their job and that is going to open a whole new world for them.  My wish is the humans who will be teaching them are steady, clear and fair.

My mantra for their leaving is peaceful, smooth and safe.  That is exactly how it went.  They loaded like stars.

The Divine has a plan; so I let go and let God.


Walking the Talk

It’s Sunday morning and here I sit.  I wonder what am I doing writing this blog?  I struggle every week getting a post written.  Does it matter at all in the big scheme of things? Probably not.

I had planned to write more on point of view.  The Universe has a different plan.

The sale of two young horses, a coming 4 year old filly, and a coming 3 year old colt, who I’ve raised from birth, is setting my world on edge.  This sale does not fit my picture.  The reality is I am not in the driver’s seat as they are not mine.

I was out picking manure from around the geldings hay feeder really struggling with my feelings for these two young horses.  Then there was one of those flash moments and I realized I was being tested by the Universe.  It was so clear  “are you going to walk the talk”?

If I am honest I don’t know what these two young horses life paths are.  I have thoughts about it and obviously the Universe has It’s.  I want to make something clear this sale is being very carefully considered by their owner.  So that is not the issue.  The issue is me and my thoughts and feelings.

The Universe is calling me on my stuff.  I hate when that happens.  I am having to trust that, even though my  pictures are not being met, that all is well.  These horses will go out into the world and have the experiences they are meant to have.  I need to trust I did my job giving them a good start.  The rest is out of my hands and is in the hands of a much bigger power.

When the trailer comes to pick them up I want my heart open to send them off, holding the door wide open into their new life.  There is no call for dark emotional clouds coming off me to confuse them nor me trying to hang on with strings of attachment.

The Universe asked “are you going to walk the talk”?  I am doing my best to.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to put what I have learned to the test.

They are going to be just fine and so will I.

Point of View

The mice are not the only animals teaching me.  During the same period horses, dogs and cats were also showing me the same message; we are not victims nor do we want human pity.

I remember a small female dog I was contacted to communicate with by the group of people who took her out of a puppy mill.  The reason I was called; she was edgy, not eating well and had bitten volunteers.  So I opened up and asked for her permission.  She did not trust me as no other human had gotten her pictures and listened to her.  She had pretty much given up.

I told her I would not push her, it was her choice, then I got quiet.  It took a couple of minutes and she finally opened up to me and showed me her point of view.

She was angry with the humans who took her from the place of her job.  The humans took her, no one asked her if she wanted to leave, they took her puppies and they hurt her.  Within a day or so of being taken she was spay and given stings, that is how they see shots.  There were humans touching her, something she had little experience with which was overwhelming.

The job of raising puppies was very important to her and was what she knew, it was her life.  If you think about nature their bodies are hard wired to reproduce.  It is not a thought process for them, it is instinct and hormones.  She missed her job and she did not have much use for the humans who took her and turned her world upside down.  She wanted me to have the humans take her back to her job.

I had an angry dog who had lost her job and a human who could not understand why this dog was not falling all over them in thanks.  After all they had rescued her from a terrible life.  There were two very different points of view here.

My work was to explain to the dog her job was gone due to the spaying and that the door to her job life was closed and the humans wanted to find her a human whose pack she could become a member of.  In order to do that she could not bite.  She did not care about the biting; she was a dog protecting herself, period.

The other side of my work was to explain to the human the dog’s point of view.  At first the human did not think too highly of my communication skills.  From her point of view no dog could be ok producing puppies in that horrible place.

It was a tough session.  I went back and forth and at the end had the beginnings of understanding on both sides.  Did I have a happy dog and human?  No, we had some consideration for each others point of view.  A start.

The dog saw herself as having an important job to do.  The humans saw her as a victim to be pitied and rescued.  A difference of 180 degrees.  I am learning there is a place in the middle.  It is about listening and being willing to see another’s point of view with no judgment or agenda.

Like with the mice it is respecting the beingness of another species whose way of looking at life is very different from ours.