Animals and Our Emotions part 4

I went to my blog to check for comments, I am trying, and to my total shock the horses’ photo was gone replaced by a picture of trees with snow on them.  This is the computer stuff that drives me crazy.  Thank God for Dave.  One call and he had it fixed fast.  I wonder are there little beings in cyber space who joy ride around moving things and sit back to watch people go nuts?  The other thing I learned this week is comments has a spam place and there was spam in it.  Give me animals any day them I understand.

I thought I was done for now with the animals and our emotions when I remembered something.  Humans want love and friendship from their animals.  I saw this in myself when my animals were still with me.  Ten years ago I had a horse, dog and cat.  I was in a very different place in myself then.  I realize now my looking to them for love and friendship put a lot of pressure on them.  I have since learned animals don’t have concepts of love and friendship the way we do.

A dog is wired to be a dog.  Pack law is how they function.  A pack has to have leadership, there is hierarchy high to low and everything is about pack survival.  If a pack member does not follow pack law that dog gets pushed out.  Older pack members who can’t keep up get left behind.  There is no sentiment it simply is.

My horse used to bite me.  I did not understand why.  I looked to him to love me as I was a very needy person then.  I would lavish what I thought was my love on him expecting love in return.  Let me say here just because I do communication as my work, it was harder for me to connect with my own animals as my emotions got in the way.  So I was not getting that my horse was distressed with the pressure I put on him.  He was a horse and his way of saying back off was to bite.

He has been dead for seven and a half years and it was only last year that I figured it out.  I was working with an animal and their human and the animal showed me its distress when the human fussed over it.  In a flash I saw my horse biting me and the light went on and I made the connection.  Now that this is in my awareness I can bring it to my work.  It is not a straight line.  I and my work are evolving everyday and I am not one of God’s faster children.

I wanted my animals to function like me, well they couldn’t.  They could only be what they were a horse, dog and cat.  I knew they were teachers for me when they were with me.  Now years later after their deaths I realize even more what wonderful teachers they were with big lessons for me to learn.  Life is an unfolding.

The sun is shining, slight wind, 57 degrees.  Life is good.

Animals and Our Emotions part 3

I made a forward step on comments.  I read up on them in the book I have on WordPress.  A lot of information and a bit daunting.   I decided to keep it simple.  Three comments had come in responding to my first post in Sept.  I approved them, this is the word used in the book and they are now visible on the home page.  At the bottom of each post in very faint print there are words and one of the words is comment.  I clicked on comment and it took me to a page where a comment could be written.  So I think the comment thing is working now.  From what I read comments are important.  Like I said in the first post this is a huge learning curve for me.  For those of you who know this stuff I apologize.  It’s good.  I see this as an adventure.

Let’s get back to the emotions topic started in the last two posts.

You now have awareness that animals see our emotions as little clouds in the air, animals do not have filters, most animals will think they did something wrong, some animals pull the clouds out of the air to calm things down and that there is s simple way for us to create clarity.

This is a lot of information, especially if you have no idea that these things exist.  I certainly didn’t.  Before I started doing the communication work, a job I was not looking for, I did not have a clue how I was affecting my animals or the horses I was training.  Things would happen and I did not understand my part of it.  At the beginning of my doing communication work in 1997 I had a hard enough time hoping I was not crazy!

These aware nesses came to me over years of working with lots of animals and their humans.  It seems like I always knew these things because now they are a part of my daily life.  It has been a journey.  I think it is a journey each of us is on that is individual to us.  Our animals are an amazing part in that journey.  They have taught me they are on their own journey too.  I do not believe anymore that animals are here only for us.

Please take this emotions information and let it sit in your awareness.  Let it move around and see what shows up for you.  There is no right or wrong way to look at it or work with it.  Trust you and be kind to you.

Should be interesting to see how the comment thing unfolds.  Still scares me. The wind is howling, a mini snow storm just blew through, is a wild day.  Lots of movement.

Animals and Our Emotions part 2

I need to start with a blog tech piece.  I have had several people contact me saying they tried to leave a comment and were not able to.  I want you to know I am aware and it is another place that scares me silly.  I know dumb fear stuff and there it is.  I will get there. So thank you for your patience.

In the last post I talked about how animals see the emotions that come off us as clouds and they don’t understand what is going on.  Just that there is an upset.

The next piece is filters.  Animals do not have filters.  Children start creating filters at around age 5 when most children start school.  A filter acts as a buffer.  Let’s say someone you are with is angry.  The anger is emitted into the air and moves through the filters you have in place.  You know this person is angry and you will feel the anger. The filters to some degree lessen the force you feel.  It is a protection we create.  We are very sensitive beings.

Animals do not have the capability to create filters.  Take the angry situation only now it is the animal’s human who is angry.  The animal will feel the full force of the anger as there is no filter to lessen it.  Let me put it this way.  First they get slammed with the raw emotion.  Second they do not understand what it is about.  Third they will think they did something wrong even though the anger has nothing to do with them.  Fourth some of them will try to pull the cloud out of the air into their body to help calm things down.  I see this over and over.

As you  read this you most likely are thinking oh my God I am doing this.  We all do it.  Please do not beat yourself up or feel guilty.  I am realizing my job is to write about this to put it in view so we can look at it.  We are not doomed there is a simple solution.  I say to my clients when there is an upset to be aware of what they are feeling in the moment.  No judgment, no beating themselves up simply aware.  It is as it is.  Next I tell them to say to their animal “I am upset, you are doing a good job I am not upset with you.  I take this in my hands and take care of it.  You are off duty there is nothing for you to do, I will clean this up”.  Doing this helps create clarity for human and animal alike.  It immediately  calms things down.

This is a lot and a good stopping place.  I encourage my clients be kind and loving to themselves.  I leave you with that thought.  Have a good week.  The snow is melted, my idea of winter!!

Animals and Our Emotions

I just went back and looked at the end of my first post.  I said the next post would be; what is inter-species translation?  Obviously that did not happen.  I am learning life is not straight lines.  So I am trusting this is where the movement wants to go.  I don’t argue anymore I just go with it.

In the last post Pete showed me the dark cloud coming from me.  Have you  ever wondered how animals perceive our emotions?  Or, wonder how our emotions affect them?  In the 13 years I have worked with animals and their humans the emotions piece comes up almost every time.

Animals see our emotional energy as clouds which we emit when we are in an emotional state.  These clouds hang in the air of our homes.  The clouds are energy residues and are shades of gray. The lower the vibration of the emotion the darker the cloud will be. When I use the word animal I am referring to dogs, cats, horses and birds.  These are the species I regularly work with.

Animals can see the clouds and get the human is upset.  They do not, though, have an understanding what the upset is about.  Just like a small human child.  The human age level animals function at is a child of 2 to 3 years old.

Small children have an awareness the big humans are upset.  The child will have no understanding of the what or why of the upset, simply that there is an upset.  Often the child will make up a story, I did something wrong so the big humans are upset.  Animals do the same thing, they think they did something wrong.

For us to know that animals see our emotions as clouds is very important.  The affect our emotions have on our animals is huge.  I had no idea how I was affecting my animals until I had client’s animals show me how they were affected by their human.  I am being taught by animals continually.

I am going to stop here and will continue with this in the next post.  Next I will explain about filters and how we can be more aware of our thoughts which creates clarity.  Our animals are amazing.  All is well.

It’s snowing.  After a week of lovely temperatures, Mother Nature is reminding me It Is Winter!!!