The Power of Fear and Getting Started Again

I wrote the first post and fell into the black hole of fear.  Paralyzing me from writing.  The horses gave me a shove this morning.  Pete walked over to me, stood in front of me and looked me square in the eye.  He showed me the dark cloud coming from me.  This is how animals see negative emotions coming from humans.  They don’t always understand what is it about yet they get something is upsetting the human.  In this case the cloud Pete saw was my fear.

Pete’s look and pictures basically said “Get over it and get on with it”.  The IT being sharing with humans what animals show me.  He gave me a nudge with his head and walked away.  I stood there totally chastised.  I realized in a flash how stupid it was to let fear run me.  I thanked Pete and finished chores.

The horse slave is back!

My New Year’s resolution is to make a post on Mondays.  This chunks it down and makes it doable.  Pretty simple and it only took me from Sept. 30 to figure it out.  Like I said in the first post one of God’s slower children.

I wrote the following story for my Email Christmas letter this year.  Thought it was a good way to get going with the blog again.

Sandy’s Post Office Christmas Story

For me this time of year is a time of reflection.  I want to share a story of a happening at the post office two Christmas’s ago.

The post office in Livermore, Colorado is pretty much the town.  We have more cattle and horses then people here.   Our post office closes at 3 pm, it is 2:50 pm.  The woman in front of me has lots of packages.  I nervously look at the clock.  I have one package.   Now I  could have gotten there earlier and choose to ignore this.  Five more people line up  behind me and all look at the clock with agitation.  The hand moves toward 3 pm.  Growl!!

The woman behind me looks at me and starts to sing Silent Night.  My first response is, Oh Please!  Then she smiles at me.  To my surprise I start singing.  Then the people behind us one by one join in.  We finished Silent Night and move on to Jingle Bells.  We are now having a wonderful time no one is looking at the clock.  Frank our postal clerk is smiling and is enjoying our singing.  The hand moves past 3 pm we keep singing until all of us get our packages mailed.

Life is choices in  the moment.  The woman behind me chose to do an outrageous thing and start singing.  Totally changing the atmosphere in the post office that day.  I still smile when I think about that moment in time when I sang with total strangers at the Livermore post office.  It was the best Christmas gift.

Happy New Year!!  2011 is the year of blooming!!