Welcome to My Blog!

Hi, my name is Sandy Lagno.  I am a reluctant baby blogger.

It has taken me two years to get to the point of writing my first post.  I am one of God’s slower children.  Two years ago a friend suggested I look into blogging.  I had no idea what she was talking about.  Computers and the internet are foreign countries to me.  And, reluctantly, I am learning.  When I was in high school a mimeograph machine and an IBM Selectric typewriter were high tech.  The learning curb is steep here!

The other part of this slooow process is, doing this scares me silly.  I felt the same way in 2008 when I published a book the horses and I did together.  That was tough enough and this is off the charts.  This is like wearing your underwear in public. No, worse being naked, there’s a chilling thought!  Ok, moving along.

The work I do is animal communication, which I call inter-species translation.  The communication work grew out of my 59 years of working with horses.

To say the least, I am much more comfortable working with horses, dogs, and cats then I am using a computer.  So this blog is not going to be techno slick.  What I lack in being a techie, I aim to make up in content.  I will do my best to relate to you how animals view their lives. Not how we humans think animals view their lives.  The animals have taught me there is a real difference.

I was pushed very hard by the animals, horses especially, to present their views to humans.  The beginning of this, as I mentioned above, started with a book the horses and I wrote called “Horses: From Our Side of the Fence.” This blog is a continuation of what the horses and I started.

I owe a great deal to the animals for their push and support.  I also, big time, owe my human friends who helped me get this site up and running.  They are saints as I came along kicking and screaming while they lovingly pushed me along saying “there, there, it will be just fine”.  To Cheryl, Christina, Joye, Mitch, and Dave I say a heart felt thank you.  Without you this site would not be here.

I did it, I wrote my first post!  Uh oh, I just realized this means I have to write a second post.  Don’t worry, if the horses could push me to write a book, I know those slave drivers will see to it I continue to write posts.

For now, this is the horse slave signing off.