A Lot of Movement

The cat and I had a great 4 day trip across the country arriving in New Mexico on Sun. Nov. 12th.  She turned into “Princess Road Warrior Cat”.  Each night she just took possession of the hotel room.  It was fun to watch her come into her own.  This past month I was busy doing all the things one has to do when you make a big move.  Yesterday 12/11, I received my New Mexico drivers license in the mail, so I am officially here.   I had lived here between Oct. 1999 to Oct. 2003.  I think sometimes you have to leave a place to find out it really was your place.  I am loving being back.

Thank you Georgia for what you had to teach me in the 6 1/2 years I was there.  Now it will be interesting to see what New Mexico has for me especially with the work I do.  I will continue to do the phone work and the rest will unfold.  I am learning to stay out of expectation and allow myself to not to know.  There is freedom in that.

That is it for now we are here safely and all is well.

Now I have to see if I can remember how to use the new Jet Pack I got a couple of weeks ago so I can post this.  Facing a 1200 pound upset horse does not faze me, yet give me a new piece of technology to deal with and I am shaking in my boots.  Plain silly, yet true.

Clarity on What I Do ll

I want to extend, expand on the post I wrote 4/3,  “Clarity on What I Do”.

It seems to me that people think being a telepath means that person, me, has access to everything in the other beings mind and life.  I do not have the right to blast into any beings mind or life.  I can only have the connection to that being by their permission.  And I am only allowed to see what they want me to see.  It is not a free for all, parlor tricks, or a spectator sport.

There is a great deal of responsibility and discipline to this work and when I made the agreement with the animals I took that on willingly. They hold me accountable everyday.

If I use the gift irresponsibly the Universe will come down on me like a ton of bricks.  The animals themselves made that clear to me when I first started this work twenty years ago.  They made it clear I was to take what they showed me and relay that exactly to their human. No edits, interpretations, or deletions on my part.  And they hold my feet to the fire on that. The animals made it crystal clear if I did not relay exactly to their human, they would stop showing me anything.

Something else, when I am out in the world, I am not able to see anything with those around me.  I mind my own business.  It is not my job to interfere in anyone’s life.  I don’t want to know about anyone else’s life.  Unless I am asked to connect then I will open up to that animal.  However, just because they show me something, I may not be able to do anything.  If I don’t have the human on board, my  hands are tied.

I have to remember nothing happens to anyone without their creation and permission.  No one is a victim.  That is another important piece to doing this job.  My job is to listen, period.

It is very humbling to know I am not in charge   I am blessed to have all of you.

Clarity on What I Do

I want to clear something up.  When I am working with an animal I am doing that telepathically.  I am only able to get what that animal shows me on their level.  They don’t have labels, like cancer or liver failure.  Often they will not show me that anything is wrong even though their human sees something is wrong.  The reason they will not show me is that their hard wiring says, if there is something wrong with me, the pack, herd or pride will kick me out, as they are a detriment to the rest. Survival is what they are wired for. 

It is not a straight line working with them.  Their human is expecting I am going to be able to find out everything and with the proper label.  I can’t, cause they don’t know.  That is why I work with both the animal and their human.  I go back and forth putting the pieces together until we get to how the animal is feeling. Then the human is better able to make a decision on what to do. 

If you want a diagnosis then you need a veterinarian.  That is what they are trained to do.  I do a lot of work with a veterinarian in Colorado.  She does her job and my job is to find out how the animal feels about what is going on.  That helps her and the animal’s human to understand which creates clarity, helping the human to calm down and that helps the animal greatly. 

I don’t have a crystal ball, thank God.  What I do have is a mind to mind with animals that is a rich connection with them.  The outcome is so much stronger than knowing a label or bits of information, like what color collar do they want, they don’t care.  What they care about is if their human is a strong leader and strong leaders are calm.    

Been a dry spell, maybe this will get the juices flowing again.  Everyone I talk to says they feel like they are in a crucible.  The Divine is burning off impurities, refining us, taking us to a higher version of ourselves.  I have to remember I signed up for this.  What was I thinking!  

Something New

I am trying something different.  I am calling them Short Posts.  Been another flat writing period.  A lot going on for me which has not left much over for writing.  So this morning I got an inspiration,  I could write little short posts.  These short posts are a little flash of thought.  Something to muse on.

The first short post is below.  Enjoy.  I have missed all of you.


When I write a post and click the publish button, it is like sending the post off into deep unknown space.  A black hole.  I feel like I am sending my post off to this huge place and will my post find friends out there?  It’s very much like sending your child off to their first day of school.

Your comments let me know my post has found a friend.  I can’t tell you how wonderful that is for me.  It is what keeps me writing.

I want to apologize on replying. I am embarrassed to admit I could not figure out how to do it and I will.  What a learning curve this is on many levels.

I appreciate all of you very much and thank you for your comments.

Dry Spell

I hit a dry spell. I can’t force the writing, it comes in it’s time.  A lesson in surrender; I  do not control this.  I know it goes against all I have read about how to do a blog, which is about volume and consistency.  For me it is about the essence and energy in the writing.   I have to trust it works and that those who follow me will cut me some slack.

Which would you rather have, volume to wade through or posts that touch something?  Surrender and patience is my lesson.


I have turned the Bio into About Sandy.  For people coming to the site for the first time, About Sandy, will give them a better idea of who is Sandy?  I took out the dry date stuff and created a story of how I came to what I do now.

I kept the title Work & Contact Me and totally redid the content.  I expanded the description of what I do and did the same for what I do not do.  Also expanded the what I do in my two specialties.

I think by reading both, About Sandy and Work & Contact Me, people will now come away with a clearer idea about me and what I do.

I decided to leave the banner as is and also the two phrases above the banner.  At first I thought I would totally dedicate the blog to end of life.  Then as I went through the process of rewriting the Bio and Work & Contact Me, I realized to have the blog be only end of life I would be making the focus too narrow.  I like the idea of leaving the door open for writing about other things too.  All is connected in the bigger picture of life.

Doing this makeover was a wonderful opportunity for me to reevaluate myself and update myself.  A good thing as it brings fresh energy to the whole blog.

New Year

For many of us 2015 was the year someone we loved dearly left us.  My Mom leaving was the end of life as I knew it.  It also brought a new responsibility with Flossy living with me.

A lot of change.

As I went through the emotional time in the aftermath of Mom leaving, I realized no one needed my sadness dumped on them.  It took a few days of being out doing errands and dumping on the people I came in contact with that the light went on.

I stood at the check out and after voicing my sadness to the clerk I felt the energy drop like a stone and bing the light went on as I walked away.  I was doing what the animals show me, they were reminding me, I was emitting the grey clouds with my sadness and lowering the energy in the area and effecting all in that area.

I thanked the animals for the, snap out of it!

I remembered every moment is a choice of how I am.  The next stop that day when I got to the check out I smiled at the person.  And when they asked how are you I responded smiling, I am great.  They smiled back and we had a lovely moment together.  I walked out feeling lighter and brighter.  Rather then leaving grey clouds I left sunshine.

My wish for 2016 is smiles and laughter for myself and all around me.

Happy New Year with a smile and much laughter!!

Giving Thanks

It is nearing the end of this day of Thanksgiving.  I had a great time sharing it with two very dear special people and all the animals here, who never let me forget I am their slave, especially Flossy.  I am thankful to serve them.

A very important thanks goes to all of you who take time from very busy schedules to read my blog posts.  I give thanks to each of you.  Knowing you are there is simply lovely.

Receiving comments telling me how a post spoke to you or shed a little light in a corner for you is helpful to me.  It helps me to keep going and it helps me to trust this is what I am supposed to do.

I shall do my best to remember to be thankful everyday.  Thank you all so very much you are a blessing.

The Power of Words

A few weeks ago a friend sent me a video clip.  I almost ignored it and then I had a strong nudge to watch it.  As I watched I thought its ok.

Well the end of the clip kicks it up many notches.  I went from its ok to engaged, seriously engaged.  My whole being sat up and took notice.  What was the difference?  It was words.  Simple words that were powerful.  I watched it five more times and got the same reaction each time.  Now that’s power.

This is the address for the clip:


Blogs are about words.  It is not the words themselves it is how the words are strung together to create a response in the reader.  Enabling the reader to have an experience of going outside the box of what they know.

That is my goal with this blog.  To take the images animals show me and turn them into words.  To create a bridge of understanding between two very different points of view, human and animal.

It has not been a straight line to get to this point.  There have been road blocks, dead ends and sometimes what felt like being on the wrong road.  I have not been lost I was just not where I was supposed to be.  It was not a place outside it was a place inside that I had to find.

Having arrived at that inner place I can now move forward with using words.  Will be interesting to see how this unfolds.