The Work I Do

The two young horses arrived safely to their new territory and human, who is thrilled to have them there.  They are doing very nicely adjusting.  All is well which I am grateful for.

I would like to write a bit about inter-species translation which is what I call the work I do.  When I first started I called it animal communication which technically it is.  The longer I did the communication work the more I began to realize yes I was communicating and it was more then that.

Let me go back to the base which is telepathy.  The way I communicate with an animal is through telepathy.  I have a mind to mind connection with them so I am working specifically with that animal at that time.  They send me pictures which I translate into words.  I also send pictures back, so it is a two way communication.  Since I am working specifically with that animal I am only able to receive what they show me.  Whatever is important to the animal is what I am going to get from them.  Very often it is different from what their human is concerned about or the questions their human has for them.

I have worked with animals who had a serious health issue and they did not see it as a problem and could not understand why their human was emitting the little dark clouds. Actually the human being upset, dark clouds, was harder on the animal then what was going on physically.

I am not a pet physic.  Nor do I do readings, I do sessions.  To me that means I am not surfing the airwaves looking for information.  What I do is translate from the language of pictures to the language of words.  I do my best to translate accurately what the animal’s point of view is.  There is no room for interpretation.  That would be me putting my spin on it.  I have to put my beliefs aside, what I believe does not matter.  It is the animal’s point of view that is most important.  If I put my junk in then I am not doing my job.  All I would be doing is going on an ego trip which serves no one.

It can be a hard line to walk especially when an animal is showing me something the human does not want to hear.   When I started out I made an agreement with the animals that I would relay cleanly what they present to me, period.  This at times makes me not popular with the humans.

Hopefully this will give you a little idea of how I came to call what I do, inter-species translation.  It has been an interesting journey.


Welcome to My Blog!

Hi, my name is Sandy Lagno.  I am a reluctant baby blogger.

It has taken me two years to get to the point of writing my first post.  I am one of God’s slower children.  Two years ago a friend suggested I look into blogging.  I had no idea what she was talking about.  Computers and the internet are foreign countries to me.  And, reluctantly, I am learning.  When I was in high school a mimeograph machine and an IBM Selectric typewriter were high tech.  The learning curb is steep here!

The other part of this slooow process is, doing this scares me silly.  I felt the same way in 2008 when I published a book the horses and I did together.  That was tough enough and this is off the charts.  This is like wearing your underwear in public. No, worse being naked, there’s a chilling thought!  Ok, moving along.

The work I do is animal communication, which I call inter-species translation.  The communication work grew out of my 59 years of working with horses.

To say the least, I am much more comfortable working with horses, dogs, and cats then I am using a computer.  So this blog is not going to be techno slick.  What I lack in being a techie, I aim to make up in content.  I will do my best to relate to you how animals view their lives. Not how we humans think animals view their lives.  The animals have taught me there is a real difference.

I was pushed very hard by the animals, horses especially, to present their views to humans.  The beginning of this, as I mentioned above, started with a book the horses and I wrote called “Horses: From Our Side of the Fence.” This blog is a continuation of what the horses and I started.

I owe a great deal to the animals for their push and support.  I also, big time, owe my human friends who helped me get this site up and running.  They are saints as I came along kicking and screaming while they lovingly pushed me along saying “there, there, it will be just fine”.  To Cheryl, Christina, Joye, Mitch, and Dave I say a heart felt thank you.  Without you this site would not be here.

I did it, I wrote my first post!  Uh oh, I just realized this means I have to write a second post.  Don’t worry, if the horses could push me to write a book, I know those slave drivers will see to it I continue to write posts.

For now, this is the horse slave signing off.