Clarity on What I Do ll

I want to extend, expand on the post I wrote 4/3,  “Clarity on What I Do”.

It seems to me that people think being a telepath means that person, me, has access to everything in the other beings mind and life.  I do not have the right to blast into any beings mind or life.  I can only have the connection to that being by their permission.  And I am only allowed to see what they want me to see.  It is not a free for all, parlor tricks, or a spectator sport.

There is a great deal of responsibility and discipline to this work and when I made the agreement with the animals I took that on willingly. They hold me accountable everyday.

If I use the gift irresponsibly the Universe will come down on me like a ton of bricks.  The animals themselves made that clear to me when I first started this work twenty years ago.  They made it clear I was to take what they showed me and relay that exactly to their human. No edits, interpretations, or deletions on my part.  And they hold my feet to the fire on that. The animals made it crystal clear if I did not relay exactly to their human, they would stop showing me anything.

Something else, when I am out in the world, I am not able to see anything with those around me.  I mind my own business.  It is not my job to interfere in anyone’s life.  I don’t want to know about anyone else’s life.  Unless I am asked to connect then I will open up to that animal.  However, just because they show me something, I may not be able to do anything.  If I don’t have the human on board, my  hands are tied.

I have to remember nothing happens to anyone without their creation and permission.  No one is a victim.  That is another important piece to doing this job.  My job is to listen, period.

It is very humbling to know I am not in charge   I am blessed to have all of you.

Clarity on What I Do

I want to clear something up.  When I am working with an animal I am doing that telepathically.  I am only able to get what that animal shows me on their level.  They don’t have labels, like cancer or liver failure.  Often they will not show me that anything is wrong even though their human sees something is wrong.  The reason they will not show me is that their hard wiring says, if there is something wrong with me, the pack, herd or pride will kick me out, as they are a detriment to the rest. Survival is what they are wired for. 

It is not a straight line working with them.  Their human is expecting I am going to be able to find out everything and with the proper label.  I can’t, cause they don’t know.  That is why I work with both the animal and their human.  I go back and forth putting the pieces together until we get to how the animal is feeling. Then the human is better able to make a decision on what to do. 

If you want a diagnosis then you need a veterinarian.  That is what they are trained to do.  I do a lot of work with a veterinarian in Colorado.  She does her job and my job is to find out how the animal feels about what is going on.  That helps her and the animal’s human to understand which creates clarity, helping the human to calm down and that helps the animal greatly. 

I don’t have a crystal ball, thank God.  What I do have is a mind to mind with animals that is a rich connection with them.  The outcome is so much stronger than knowing a label or bits of information, like what color collar do they want, they don’t care.  What they care about is if their human is a strong leader and strong leaders are calm.    

Been a dry spell, maybe this will get the juices flowing again.  Everyone I talk to says they feel like they are in a crucible.  The Divine is burning off impurities, refining us, taking us to a higher version of ourselves.  I have to remember I signed up for this.  What was I thinking!  

Emotions and Finding Neutral

First, I want to thank people for their comments.  I appreciate them very much as they are encouragement for me to keep writing.  Thank you more than I can say.

My plan was to write about names and how important names are to animals.  I knew I had to turn the computer on to write Mondays post.  And there was no movement at all.  I sat and watched the snow fall, thankful for the moisture.  A surprise since yesterday was 65 degrees.

Then the phone rang and that call changed the direction, in an instant, what I was going to write about.  Hah on me if I think for a moment that I have control here.  Not really!

The call was from someone I have worked with and their animal is a goat named Sara.  The first time I opened up to Sara, she immediately got from me that goats are not animals I feel close to.  Sara was not sure she was going to work with me.  She thought I was a stupid human and I showed her sometimes I am.  We went back and forth but Sara really had things she wanted her human to know so she finally gave her permission to work.  Even though I was a stupid human for not understanding the smartness and wonderfulness of goats.

We had a great first session.  Sara was very clear what the bumpy areas were for her.  One of the important things was the dark clouds the human emitted and how difficult that was for Sara to deal with.

We have worked several times in the last year and each time the dark clouds came up.  Sara’s human really listened and was trying very hard to be aware of the emotional state when around Sara and when there was a problem with Sara’s health.

Sara was found shaking this morning, the vet was called, suggestions made, then I was called.   Sara showed me the air dropped and this caused the movement inside her to slow down and she got stiff so she was down.  Translated, we had a drastic barometric change so from her point of view the air dropped and the movement inside was her blood moving slower.  She was cold.

Her human did things to warm Sara up.  For the first time her human was allowed inside Sara’s small house without distressing her.  Sara showed me the human had no dark clouds which was calming.  Sara letting her human inside her house was an indicator for her human.  It was Sara’s way of showing the human something had changed in the human in a good way.  Her human finding the neutral place changed things dramatically.

I realized this was a powerful example of our emotions and their effect on our animals.  Here was a human who listened and made a huge effort to make a change in how they responded to a tough situation by remaining calm and how the animal responded to the lack of dark clouds or emotional upset.

My hat is off to this human and my heart was full as I worked with them yesterday.  It was a beautiful moment for me to witness this change and feel Sara’s and her humans calmness.



The Work I Do

The two young horses arrived safely to their new territory and human, who is thrilled to have them there.  They are doing very nicely adjusting.  All is well which I am grateful for.

I would like to write a bit about inter-species translation which is what I call the work I do.  When I first started I called it animal communication which technically it is.  The longer I did the communication work the more I began to realize yes I was communicating and it was more then that.

Let me go back to the base which is telepathy.  The way I communicate with an animal is through telepathy.  I have a mind to mind connection with them so I am working specifically with that animal at that time.  They send me pictures which I translate into words.  I also send pictures back, so it is a two way communication.  Since I am working specifically with that animal I am only able to receive what they show me.  Whatever is important to the animal is what I am going to get from them.  Very often it is different from what their human is concerned about or the questions their human has for them.

I have worked with animals who had a serious health issue and they did not see it as a problem and could not understand why their human was emitting the little dark clouds. Actually the human being upset, dark clouds, was harder on the animal then what was going on physically.

I am not a pet physic.  Nor do I do readings, I do sessions.  To me that means I am not surfing the airwaves looking for information.  What I do is translate from the language of pictures to the language of words.  I do my best to translate accurately what the animal’s point of view is.  There is no room for interpretation.  That would be me putting my spin on it.  I have to put my beliefs aside, what I believe does not matter.  It is the animal’s point of view that is most important.  If I put my junk in then I am not doing my job.  All I would be doing is going on an ego trip which serves no one.

It can be a hard line to walk especially when an animal is showing me something the human does not want to hear.   When I started out I made an agreement with the animals that I would relay cleanly what they present to me, period.  This at times makes me not popular with the humans.

Hopefully this will give you a little idea of how I came to call what I do, inter-species translation.  It has been an interesting journey.


Point of View

The mice are not the only animals teaching me.  During the same period horses, dogs and cats were also showing me the same message; we are not victims nor do we want human pity.

I remember a small female dog I was contacted to communicate with by the group of people who took her out of a puppy mill.  The reason I was called; she was edgy, not eating well and had bitten volunteers.  So I opened up and asked for her permission.  She did not trust me as no other human had gotten her pictures and listened to her.  She had pretty much given up.

I told her I would not push her, it was her choice, then I got quiet.  It took a couple of minutes and she finally opened up to me and showed me her point of view.

She was angry with the humans who took her from the place of her job.  The humans took her, no one asked her if she wanted to leave, they took her puppies and they hurt her.  Within a day or so of being taken she was spay and given stings, that is how they see shots.  There were humans touching her, something she had little experience with which was overwhelming.

The job of raising puppies was very important to her and was what she knew, it was her life.  If you think about nature their bodies are hard wired to reproduce.  It is not a thought process for them, it is instinct and hormones.  She missed her job and she did not have much use for the humans who took her and turned her world upside down.  She wanted me to have the humans take her back to her job.

I had an angry dog who had lost her job and a human who could not understand why this dog was not falling all over them in thanks.  After all they had rescued her from a terrible life.  There were two very different points of view here.

My work was to explain to the dog her job was gone due to the spaying and that the door to her job life was closed and the humans wanted to find her a human whose pack she could become a member of.  In order to do that she could not bite.  She did not care about the biting; she was a dog protecting herself, period.

The other side of my work was to explain to the human the dog’s point of view.  At first the human did not think too highly of my communication skills.  From her point of view no dog could be ok producing puppies in that horrible place.

It was a tough session.  I went back and forth and at the end had the beginnings of understanding on both sides.  Did I have a happy dog and human?  No, we had some consideration for each others point of view.  A start.

The dog saw herself as having an important job to do.  The humans saw her as a victim to be pitied and rescued.  A difference of 180 degrees.  I am learning there is a place in the middle.  It is about listening and being willing to see another’s point of view with no judgment or agenda.

Like with the mice it is respecting the beingness of another species whose way of looking at life is very different from ours.

My Teachers Come in Many Forms

It is the end of the week and I have not written anything for Monday.  Again resistance sets in.  Not sure how to continue from where I left off last week.  The size of the journey I embarked on was and is huge.  The volume of information learned and learning, seems endless.

It is fourteen years later and I am not sure how I got here or what comes next.  The blog is definitely part of it and yet I don’t know what it looks like.  I see in pictures and when I don’t have a picture, like now, then I am at a loss and dead in the water.  No movement as the horses would see it.

So I will tell the story of the mice who get into the mare’s mineral feeder.

I check horses every morning.  The mares live in the 153 acre meadow pasture in the winter and in the corner near the gate is a mineral feeder.  This feeder is heavy black plastic that stands a little over three feet tall.  In the top of the feeder are two depressions, one on each side, big enough to hold a 50 pound block of mineral.  The middle section is a deep well and like a well if you fall in you are not able to get out on your own.

Frequently mice get down into this well area of the feeder.  On Thursday morning this past week there were two brown field mice in the feeder well, huddled together in the right hand corner.  I asked permission to communicate with them.  They were not sure; their big concern was; was I going to kill them. I showed them I would keep them safe.  I asked them was there anything they wanted of me and they showed me a picture of grass.  Translated meant they wanted to be on the grass.  I did my best to show them my hand curling around them and lifting them out onto the grass.

I gently got my hands around the first mouse and lifted it out.  It jumped off my hand, stood for a moment, looked up at me then scurried off around the base of the feeder.  I reached in for the second mouse only this mouse would not let go of my gloved hand.  I rested my hand on the ground and finally it jumped off going as fast as it could in the same direction of the first mouse.

What the mice have taught me is they are not victims nor am I the great rescuer when they get down into the feeder.  It is a very humbling experience to learn this.  Life is choices for humans and mice alike.  For me to ask is there something they would like from me is hugely different then me assuming I know what is best for them and going into rescue mode.  My thinking I am rescuing the mice is not respectful of their beingness and it is me working from my ego.  This lesson has taken many encounters with the mice to learn.

The mice have helped me change my point of view.  If they make choices that land them at the bottom of the feeder it is simply that.  There is no judgment of them which ultimately makes them a victim.  Me not seeing myself as the rescuer takes me out of judgment and ego.  They show me the picture of grass and I become an elevator.

From their point of view if they die in the feeder and sometimes they do, that is what happens.   No big deal.  I am the one who made it a big deal.  For me to see the mice as beings in their own right with choices of their own to make has changed the whole picture for me.  It is a liberating lesson and I am thankful to the mice for teaching me.

Accepting and Learning the Job

Saying ok was the easy part.  Actually starting was a completely different matter. I found myself in a foreign country with no road map and no human mentor.  The animals became my teachers.  Every time I thought I needed to go to another workshop, after the first one, the horses would show me “you hear us clearly”.  From their point of view I got what they wanted me to know and it was that simple.

And so the journey began with me coming out of the closet and letting people know I could communicate with animals.  The Universe threw me in at the deep end.  I didn’t start with things like, what color collar does Fluffy want.  My first three cases were with critically ill animals and they all died.  I started out right away with what would become half of the work I ended up doing, working with dying animals.

The learning curve was steep.  The first big lesson was to understand I was using telepathy, that I actually was working mind to mind with an animal.  I could see their pictures and I have the ability to send pictures back.  In doing this I had to differentiate between an animal’s thoughts and my thoughts.  What did my thoughts feel like?  What did my emotions feel like?  There were times when I thought I was just making it all up and that I was crazy and delusional.

The next two discoveries were; I had to park my ego, and put my beliefs aside.  On ego; I could not take myself too seriously, if I did it clouded the work and made it not clean.  My beliefs did not count.  An animals belief system is very different from a humans.  I learned how very important it was for me to be a clear, clean vessel the animals thoughts came through.  Also, no matter what an animal showed me I was honor bound to relay that uncut, uncensored, unedited to the animals human.

The animals made it very clear to me if I did not tell the human exactly what that animal wanted their human to know, then the animals would stop telling me anything. They held my feet to the fire on this one.  This was not some la la walk in the park, the job came with a great deal of responsibility whether I liked it or not.

The fourth lesson was; animals do not communicate all the time.  Humans are like chatty Kathy.  I would find myself struggling not getting anything, thinking I was doing something wrong.  I was with a horse one day and working hard to get what the horse was telling me.  This horse turned and looked at me and bam I got it, he had nothing to communicate.  Animals don’t communicate all the time and I was driving this horse nuts pushing my pictures on him.  Animals only communicate when they have something they want me to know, period!  I thanked this horse; he gave me a gift that took a lot of pressure off me.

The next two pieces were; I had to be quiet in my mind and quiet in my emotions.  If I was in what I call “busy brain” I was not going to hear anything except my own mind.  On emotions, if I was in a highly emotional state, same thing.  And as I discussed several posts ago, I was slamming that animal with my emotions.

The last and most important lesson; to ask for an animal’s permission before I opened up to them.  I needed to be respectful of their being and I had no right to push myself on them.  I actually knew this at the very beginning.

I did not learn all these things right away.  It happened over a long period of time.  I was truly blessed with the animals I came in contact with; they were wonderful teachers to a sometimes very slow student.

Welcome to My Blog!

Hi, my name is Sandy Lagno.  I am a reluctant baby blogger.

It has taken me two years to get to the point of writing my first post.  I am one of God’s slower children.  Two years ago a friend suggested I look into blogging.  I had no idea what she was talking about.  Computers and the internet are foreign countries to me.  And, reluctantly, I am learning.  When I was in high school a mimeograph machine and an IBM Selectric typewriter were high tech.  The learning curb is steep here!

The other part of this slooow process is, doing this scares me silly.  I felt the same way in 2008 when I published a book the horses and I did together.  That was tough enough and this is off the charts.  This is like wearing your underwear in public. No, worse being naked, there’s a chilling thought!  Ok, moving along.

The work I do is animal communication, which I call inter-species translation.  The communication work grew out of my 59 years of working with horses.

To say the least, I am much more comfortable working with horses, dogs, and cats then I am using a computer.  So this blog is not going to be techno slick.  What I lack in being a techie, I aim to make up in content.  I will do my best to relate to you how animals view their lives. Not how we humans think animals view their lives.  The animals have taught me there is a real difference.

I was pushed very hard by the animals, horses especially, to present their views to humans.  The beginning of this, as I mentioned above, started with a book the horses and I wrote called “Horses: From Our Side of the Fence.” This blog is a continuation of what the horses and I started.

I owe a great deal to the animals for their push and support.  I also, big time, owe my human friends who helped me get this site up and running.  They are saints as I came along kicking and screaming while they lovingly pushed me along saying “there, there, it will be just fine”.  To Cheryl, Christina, Joye, Mitch, and Dave I say a heart felt thank you.  Without you this site would not be here.

I did it, I wrote my first post!  Uh oh, I just realized this means I have to write a second post.  Don’t worry, if the horses could push me to write a book, I know those slave drivers will see to it I continue to write posts.

For now, this is the horse slave signing off.