Lesson of a Mama Cow ll

You just have to love the Universe’s sense of humor. 

Being an older human I like printed copies of my posts.  So after I sent my post off into cyber space yesterday I went to make a printed copy.  Since I had written about patience the Universe smiled and gave me a little test.

About a third of the page was printed when the printer stopped. The on button was flashing and the printer made a beeping sound.  In my limited way with these things I did something, then another something, still no printing. 

In the middle of this the four legged being I live with decided she required my full attention with her piercing voice.  I tried to ignore her.  She was not to be denied.  My printer and computer were not talking.  Me, no patience in sight. 

As I was about to boil over, I looked at myself and I started laughing.  The whole event was perfectly orchestrated to give me the opportunity for me to see my lack of patience works against me.  I thought about the mama cow and realized patience is possible. 

With my improved attitude I put the demanding one on my lap, turned the printer off, unplugged it from the computer and started over.  It is amazing what a change of attitude makes, as my printer then gave me three copies of the post.

Give me animals anytime.  Thanks mama cow for being a wonderful role model. 

Lesson of a Mama Cow

There are a lot of cattle in the area I live in and with something I see all the time I don’t really pay attention to them.  They are simply a part of the scenery.

Several days ago as I was driving past a pasture with cattle in it, I heard “Look at me”.  I slowed the car and there was a cow staring at me.  She had a roughly two month old bull calf nursing on her. I stopped the car and watched her and the calf.  The calf was butting his head against her udder so the milk would drop down.

She stood absolutely still while he nursed and she wanted me to know she likes her job raising this calf.  That she is really good at it.

I realized as I watched how patient she was, standing quietly, allowing the calf butt her to get his milk.  The look on her face was peaceful, content and patient.

The patience is what really grabbed me.  I was being shown through her, this is what patience looks like.   It was a very humbling moment to realize this mama cow has patience and I do not.

Patience is up.  Thank you mama cow for being there setting a lovely example for me to follow.  I have some work to do.

Clarity on What I Do ll

I want to extend, expand on the post I wrote 4/3,  “Clarity on What I Do”.

It seems to me that people think being a telepath means that person, me, has access to everything in the other beings mind and life.  I do not have the right to blast into any beings mind or life.  I can only have the connection to that being by their permission.  And I am only allowed to see what they want me to see.  It is not a free for all, parlor tricks, or a spectator sport.

There is a great deal of responsibility and discipline to this work and when I made the agreement with the animals I took that on willingly. They hold me accountable everyday.

If I use the gift irresponsibly the Universe will come down on me like a ton of bricks.  The animals themselves made that clear to me when I first started this work twenty years ago.  They made it clear I was to take what they showed me and relay that exactly to their human. No edits, interpretations, or deletions on my part.  And they hold my feet to the fire on that. The animals made it crystal clear if I did not relay exactly to their human, they would stop showing me anything.

Something else, when I am out in the world, I am not able to see anything with those around me.  I mind my own business.  It is not my job to interfere in anyone’s life.  I don’t want to know about anyone else’s life.  Unless I am asked to connect then I will open up to that animal.  However, just because they show me something, I may not be able to do anything.  If I don’t have the human on board, my  hands are tied.

I have to remember nothing happens to anyone without their creation and permission.  No one is a victim.  That is another important piece to doing this job.  My job is to listen, period.

It is very humbling to know I am not in charge   I am blessed to have all of you.

What can I say? 2

Yesterday I realized, with a lot help from the animals, that I did not mention them in my post on the 25th.  They reminded me how our upsets affect them and how vulnerable they are.  I have written about this in past posts. 

In the post on the 25th when I said “And how I am does have an effect on everything around me.”  I should have mentioned animals specifically in the everything.

Me remembering I do affect the animals around me, with how I am, will help me to be more aware of what I am doing right now.  It makes it less general and more real and closer to me.  It is not something out there, it is right here.

I am glad they brought this to my attention as it is important and I feel very foolish for forgetting to include them.  Maybe it is better this way as they get there own post. 

They remind me frequently what a stupid human I am.  With them riding herd on me I don’t have to worry about getting a big head.  Thanks guys. 

What can I say?

For weeks there has been so much rolling around in my head, I could not figure out where to start, what to write.  So that is why it has been awhile since I have written.

To say the least it is a wild ride right now.  I have asked myself did I really sign up for this?  Yeah I did.  If I am learning anything, it is I am responsible for my life. Which means my thoughts, actions, and what comes out of my mouth. 

What does that have to do with what is going on? 

I am blessed I get to talk to people from all over the country.  What I am hearing is quite a bit of upset.  I listen.  Then I share the decisions I am making. 

I asked myself the question, can I change what happened in the big picture? No I can’t. If I can’t affect the big picture where does that leave me?  It leaves me with the responsibility of choosing how I respond to what happened.  I realized if I choose to be upset then I am putting a negative vibration into the collective. Does that help anything? No. 

I can only make choices for myself and those choices have an effect on the rest of the world.  My being upset puts a negative out.  My being calm, peaceful is a positive out.   I am learning it is that simple.  In each moment I get to choose how I am.  And how I am does have an effect on everything around me and beyond. 

Throw a pebble onto the surface of a calm pond and ripples flow out from where the pebble went in.  That’s me.  I create ripples with how I am.  Those ripples go out and touch everything around me 

I believe the Divine knows what it is doing.  If I take my attention off the big picture and place it on my picture, that is the best I can do.  I am doing my part.  The rest is out of my control.  Thank God.  It is so simple when I allow me to Be.                 

Happy Solstice

On this solstice eve I wish you a happy end of the dark period and welcome to the return of light. Thank heaven.  This past month of the days being shorter and colder has been a really tough time for myself and everyone I talked to, human and animal.

It has felt like being squeezed hard.  Of being pushed to live from a higher place and a dying off of the lower less functional place in us.  A really wild ride.  There have been days where I felt I could barely keep my head above water.

Even though it has not felt great, the good news is with the solstice tomorrow the energy shift is complete for now, things are easing up a bit.

For myself I feel all this is pushing is encouraging me to be more responsible for how I live my life.  To be more aware of what I am thinking, saying and feeling. That means catching the negative stuff before I act on it.  Catch it at the thought stage, being more aware of what I am thinking in a given moment.

We tend to function on auto pilot.  Not being very aware of what is going on in our heads.  Stuff flies out of our mouths with little awareness of what we are saying and how it may affect those around us, especially our animals.  I see the affects on animals all the time when I am working with them.

My new years resolution is I am committed to taking a higher responsibility for how I live and conduct myself every day.  Which means being in the moment, being present to myself right now and catching the garbage in my head. No small task.

The animals are showing me how much easier it is on them when I am present, calmer and not spewing negative energy.  I am grateful to them for what they show me about myself.

Happy solstice!  The sun is coming back.

Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth is an expression we hear and see a lot during this holiday season.  We seem to think that it is something that happens out there, almost like a big switch that is flipped creating instant peace on earth. 

As I sat with the idea of peace on earth, it began to occur to me the peace is not out there as the collective, it is in here as the individual.  It is in me.  It is a choice of attitude I make in the moment.  It is me, it is you where peace comes from.   

So I am changing it from Peace on Earth to Peace in Us. 

It is the Peace in Us that creates Peace on Earth. That is my wish and gift for the holidays to all of you lovely people.

Peace in Us for Christmas and New Year.    

Giving Thanks

Here we are nearing the end of another year which brings us to the time of year we give thanks. I find it is a great time to pause from this fast paced world we live in and take a quiet moment.  To just stop the blah, blah, blah turmoil that goes on in my mind.  To allow the quiet voice to be heard.  For it is the quiet voice that knows about giving thanks.

My blah, blah voice, can’t be still, wants bigger better, flashier and louder.  Wants to be noticed. Wants to be thought of as knowing and smart.  Wants to be a big deal, known to many.  Wants respect for what it knows or thinks it knows.  It can’t be thankful for anything as it is always wanting more.  Nothing is ever enough for it.

Right now I am going to thank my blah, blah voice and get still and allow my quiet voice to be heard and this is what that voice has to say.

To all the animals who allow me to hear them and work with them I am thankful.  To all the people who call me looking for answers to what is going on with their animals I give thanks. I am thankful for the gift that allows me to hear and see both points of view, animal and human.  I am thankful for the contentment of where I live, that one was a hard one to reach.  There are many many more so I just say thank you for them

Lastly and very importantly I want to thank all of you who stick with me on this blog.  You all deserve medals for your patience and stick to it ness.  You help me keep going when the demon of self doubt raises its ugly head.  Which it has done a lot this year.

I had a realization last week that the words above the banner photo made a specific about hearing the animals.  Well I find I am often nudged to write about human stuff.  So last week I changed the words above the banner to include humans and I have to add that I figured out how to change the words on my own!  A huge event.  Which opens it up to write about both, hopefully allowing me to write more often.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a time to be still.  It is our quiet voice that is our real voice. May we all listen to it more in the coming year.  Many thanks and blessings.