Just Checking

The Universe does check on me.   I wrote about Experience and Allowing recently and I was given a test a couple of days ago.

I was sitting on the porch at the barn with the three barn cats.  Two were on the grass just off the porch and the third was at my feet demanding to be scratched.  Being a good slave I was doing my best to meet his demand.   We were enjoying the moment then suddenly a baby bird came out of it’s nest on the branch in front of the porch.  It tried to fly and it landed just behind the Gator and hopped under it.  The cat sprang into action in a flash.   The cat was under the Gator, grabbed the baby bird and raced into the barn before I was all the way out of the chair. 

As I ran to the barn door ready to intervene, I stopped.  I realized trying to get the baby bird from the cat was not what I needed to do.  My to do was to do nothing, really hard to stand aside and allow another being to have it’s experience.  It was a very dramatic scenario the Universe sent me.  That part of me that was taught to care for and defend had a tough time with allowing.  It was quite a range of emotions that went through me.

It was over instantly.  I heard a faint “I’m OK”, then everything was very still.  In spite of my upset there was a feeling of peace around me and that all was right and perfect.  I had to get over myself.  Who do I think I am to question another’s path.  The animals show me over and over that there are no accidents and that everything that happens is fine.  They do not need or want my pity or upset so I went and sat back down and simply got quiet.  Letting it all just be, allowing myself to be a being not a doing.  We are not called human doings, we are human beings.  I forget that.

The baby bird was fine, the cat was a cat and I got to be.  The Universe was just checking to see if I really got it.  Slowly, yes I am.  Thanks Universe. 

The Importance of Names

I am amazed how often when working with animals, the issue comes up, they do not like their name..

They have no concept of the alphabet. For them it is the energy in the name.  How we string letters together to form a name creates an energy that the name vibrates to.  When a name is not working for an animal it means the name is not a vibrational match for that animal. 

Think about your own name and how it feels to you.  I know people who have changed their name as the name they were given did not feel right to them.  It is really important how our name feels to us. 

It is the same for animals.  If the name is not a vibrational match then there is discord.  Animals feel the discord just the way we do, only on their level.  It is not a thought process for them. 

When I am asked to help name or rename an animal I get quiet and I ask for four, what I call, embodiment words.that are a reflection of who the animal is.  Example: Dog female  Beauty, Feminine, Wise, Loyal.  This dogs name wants to reflect these qualities.  A name like Fluffy is not a reflection here.  A name like Bella is.

With the animals pushing me today I said ok I will write about names and explain how very important it is to them.  Often I have people tell me their animal came to them already named and they are having a hard time with the name.  I tell them they are feeling it from their animal and it is ok to create a new name that has a better feel. 

I see it as a wonderful opportunity to think outside the box of what I know.  Sit with your animal and see what comes up.  Sometimes it takes awhile.  That is ok.  It is also a chance to share something that is important 

Don’t listen to what any one else says.  Trust yourself and your animal.  Make it fun.