The Other Horse

The horses have asked me to start writing about them and since my whole life has centered around them I agreed.

This week in the course of working with a long time client and her horse Mimi, a topic came up.  Often in a situation where there are two older horses, if one horse has to be put down the second horse is also put down.  The reasoning being that horses are a herd animal and being alone is a stressful situation for them.

Mimi has given me permission to tell her story of being the other horse.  Mimi and I have a long association.

Mimi and gelding David, both older horses, were  together for a long time.  In early May 2016 David was diagnosed with an anal tumor that was growing fast and would very soon block him from passing manure.  It was decided to put him down.  The vet’s assistant said that it was common to put the second down at the same time.  I worked with David to prepare him for leaving, he wanted more time and that was fine with his human.  As I worked with David, Mimi was given the opportunity to leave too.  She thought about it and decided she would stay knowing she would be alone.

Mimi’s human had me work with her in the weeks after David left and Mimi made the adjustment to being alone really well.  It did not take her long to realize she liked having all the attention.  It also gave her the opportunity to experience life a different way.  It allowed her to expand into herself and rely on herself.  That is a big step for a horse who is wired to be in a herd.  I am leaning life is about experiences and how we use those experiences.  We can grow, expand or not.  Animal or human.

Here she is in February 2018 still doing fine alone even though she has some health issues.

I shared Mimi’s story in an effort to show that it is possible for a horse to adjust to being alone.  Then it is up to each of you to make your own decisions.  No right or wrong.  Each situation is unique.  I am learning making blanket statements about any topic is not in the best interest.

Thanks Mimi it was great working with you again.

The Importance of Names

I am amazed how often when working with animals, the issue comes up, they do not like their name..

They have no concept of the alphabet. For them it is the energy in the name.  How we string letters together to form a name creates an energy that the name vibrates to.  When a name is not working for an animal it means the name is not a vibrational match for that animal. 

Think about your own name and how it feels to you.  I know people who have changed their name as the name they were given did not feel right to them.  It is really important how our name feels to us. 

It is the same for animals.  If the name is not a vibrational match then there is discord.  Animals feel the discord just the way we do, only on their level.  It is not a thought process for them. 

When I am asked to help name or rename an animal I get quiet and I ask for four, what I call, embodiment words.that are a reflection of who the animal is.  Example: Dog female  Beauty, Feminine, Wise, Loyal.  This dogs name wants to reflect these qualities.  A name like Fluffy is not a reflection here.  A name like Bella is.

With the animals pushing me today I said ok I will write about names and explain how very important it is to them.  Often I have people tell me their animal came to them already named and they are having a hard time with the name.  I tell them they are feeling it from their animal and it is ok to create a new name that has a better feel. 

I see it as a wonderful opportunity to think outside the box of what I know.  Sit with your animal and see what comes up.  Sometimes it takes awhile.  That is ok.  It is also a chance to share something that is important 

Don’t listen to what any one else says.  Trust yourself and your animal.  Make it fun. 


Letting Go

The filly and colt leave today.

I am waiting for the shipper to get here.   All the horses feel the coming change in their herds both mares and geldings.

I’ve done my best to prepare them for the long trip and new territory they are going to.  It is easier for animals when I show them whatever the change is.  It is up to them how they use it.

Early this morning the mares were in the farthest part of their 153 acre pasture.  They were protecting the filly.  I saw the same with the two older geldings and the colt.

The last colt is standing with me as I write.  He is curious.  He too will be leaving within the next two weeks.  I’m coming to the end of a chapter.  The end of the job.

I’m doing my very best to not create little dark emotional clouds.  I see their leaving as the natural way of life.  In the wild, young stallions leave their dam’s herd and join a bachelor band.  The same is true of fillies, they too will move into a new herd.  The difference here is it is humans who dictate the move.

More times then not horses are moved to new places like they were pieces of furniture.  Very little thought is given to the horse and how they feel.  I was guilty of this before the horses showed me differently.  The horses are teaching me to ask them how they feel about a move.  Sometimes they do not want to leave and then I do my best to explain, simply, why they have to go.  When they understand the why they then can accept and this acceptance makes it easier.

There is still the adjusting to a new territory and the humans and animals there.  That is true of any move, human or animal.

Very often the horse will feel they did something wrong and that is why the human sent them away.  When they understand they didn’t do something wrong and that for what ever reason the human had to let them go, it is so much easier for them to move on.  I do this type of work a lot.

I have done what I can; now the rest is up to this filly and colt in how they  work with the experiences in their new territory.  They are old enough now to start learning their job and that is going to open a whole new world for them.  My wish is the humans who will be teaching them are steady, clear and fair.

My mantra for their leaving is peaceful, smooth and safe.  That is exactly how it went.  They loaded like stars.

The Divine has a plan; so I let go and let God.