Attitude II

In the aftermath of my Attitude post I really started to beat myself up.  Judging myself.  Putting a great deal of pressure which just put me in a downward spiral of upset.  I had to give myself some slack.  Having awareness of my attitude does not come in one big awareness.  No, it comes in lots, lots and lots of little awareness’s over a span of time.  Like the rest of my life!

As I said in the Attitude post our animals are not victims in their lives with us.  So there was another place I could take pressure off myself.  The cat with me gets to have experiences of living with a human by her choice.  And there are times I do not have a great attitude.  Mostly she ignores me, as cats do.  Dogs and horses are different.  They are much more aware of our attitudes good or not so good.  Also they are more likely to suck the grey clouds in to create balance.

And everything is just perfect.  I believe we live in a big school on this planet.  All our experiences have the capability to teach us about ourselves.  Same for animals on their level.

I realized I go off to off the rails.  Then I get to be aware of the attitude and put myself back on the rails.  Remembering attitude is energy.  Up or down.  No judgment.  My judgment just creates upset and stress.

I am responsible for how I am in any given moment.  It is a process, it is living in a body.  It is a great adventure which we share with our animals.

I appreciate all of of you.  Thank you for sharing the journey.


I am in the process of looking into Podcasts and YouTube, exploring how to use them as a way of sharing.  A bit intimidating and a steep learning curve.  Also more intimate as its my voice, Podcasts, and image YouTube that will be out there.  Really scary and could be fun.  Little steps grasshopper.


This morning I had an Aah Ha moment.

Attitude is energy

Animals almost daily show me the grey clouds that come off of their humans.  The grey clouds are a low vibration energy that come off us when we are upset.  This energy floats in the air in our houses and our animals see this energy as grey clouds.

I show the animal the clouds belong to their human and is for their human to deal with.  That the animal is to leave the clouds float.  I do this as animals will often suck the clouds into themselves to bring the house back into balance.  In sucking in the clouds it lowers the animal’s energy and over time can cause an imbalance in the animal’s body.

I am also explaining to the human that their upset has an affect on their animal and I suggest the human say to the animal “I am upset, I will deal with the upset, you are doing a good job.”  Otherwise the animal thinks they have done something wrong to upset the human.  This helps create clarity on both sides

Back to my Aah Ha.  I have used the word upset in connection with the grey clouds for a long time.  This morning when I got “attitude is energy” I then made the connection that upset is an attitude.

That lead to, my attitude is an energy that affects my animal.  I am having a feeling stupid moment that I did not see this until now.  I got the upset part, I just did not get the upset is an attitude part.

This brings me to being aware of my attitude.  What is my attitude in any moment?  My attitude affects my animal and everything around me.

This means I am responsible.  I am stopping here as this has just rocked my world.

Out and About

Yesterday I was at a Home and Pet Expo as a presenter.  I was invited by the Paws to People Bridges to Cures group to be at their booth for two hours to talk to people.  It was an opportunity for me to go outside my comfort zone and I am glad I did.

One of the volunteers at the booth had her Chihuahua cross Gigi with her.  Gigi and her human Donna where sitting close to where I was sitting.  Gigi came over and sat down in front of me and stared.  She invitied me to touch her and as I was stroking her she showed me how worried she was.  Her concern was how was she to protect Donna in this busy place.  There were other dogs being walked around who where service dogs and lots of humans.

I showed Gigi that her human would do the protecting of them.  I had observed that Donna was very calreful with Gigi and how people approached the little dog.  People tend to walk up to small dogs reach down and start touching them.  They are cute and small.  Donna did not allow people to do that which was really nice for Gigi.  It was a relief for Gigi to not have to be the protector in this busy place.

I saw the same with the larger dogs there, they were equally worried about protection and how to function in this place with many humans and quite a few dogs.

My point is have an awaremess when you take your dog out in public.  Dogs are wired for territory of pack.  We take them out of their territory and put them in many territories.  Their wiring says you have to defend your territory from outsiders.  We take them into someone else’s territory and the hard wiring is there.  I am amazed at how well dogs function in a world we created.  We put them in situations that go against their nature and they do amazingly well.

I have to remember no one is a victim.  Dogs that live with humans are there by their choice.  Living with a human is an opportunity for them to learn about human wiring and how humans function.

When you are out with your dog, your dog is asking you to be a strong leader.  All the dogs at the Expo were on leashes and I saw that was a comfort for them.  It created a boundary for them to function within.

After Gigi understood Donna would protect them she walked away from me sat down next to Donna, relaxed and totally ignored me, which made me laugh.

It Simply Is

As a child I was very fortunate to have an adult in my life who taught me, dying is no big deal, it is simply part of life.  Being taught that so young is a big help in the work I do now. 

As I learned dying is part of life I also learned that I could miss the human or animal, be sad and then life went on.  I did not understand then that I was being taught not to let my emotions rule me.  They play a part and are not the whole part.  I began to see when I am emotional it is about me.

I thought that the emotional state was love.  That being upset was how love was.  At some point I began to understand if being emotional was about me then I was forgetting about the other being.  Which led me to see love is about the other being.  It is about allowing the other being to experience what they need.  It is not about me. 

When I am working with animals who are dying they show me they do not understand why their human is upset.  They think they have done something wrong to upset the human.  To them dying is no big deal, it simply is.  To them it is the dying rhythm movement.  The rhythm in the body keeps slowing until it stops and when it stops the body is no longer functional.  They do not understand humans don’t get that. 

Often an animal who is dying will show me to tell their human to put them outside in a quiet place and go away.  Think about this, in the wild when an animal is dying they are either pushed out or they go off on their own find a quiet spot to die. 

I find myself in the middle of the animal way and the human way.  I see both sides while the animal or human only sees theirs.   By creating clarity of each point of view there is a place in the middle for understanding to bloom.  With that understanding things get a lot calmer.  In the calmer place dying simply is. 

The Other Horse

The horses have asked me to start writing about them and since my whole life has centered around them I agreed.

This week in the course of working with a long time client and her horse Mimi, a topic came up.  Often in a situation where there are two older horses, if one horse has to be put down the second horse is also put down.  The reasoning being that horses are a herd animal and being alone is a stressful situation for them.

Mimi has given me permission to tell her story of being the other horse.  Mimi and I have a long association.

Mimi and gelding David, both older horses, were  together for a long time.  In early May 2016 David was diagnosed with an anal tumor that was growing fast and would very soon block him from passing manure.  It was decided to put him down.  The vet’s assistant said that it was common to put the second down at the same time.  I worked with David to prepare him for leaving, he wanted more time and that was fine with his human.  As I worked with David, Mimi was given the opportunity to leave too.  She thought about it and decided she would stay knowing she would be alone.

Mimi’s human had me work with her in the weeks after David left and Mimi made the adjustment to being alone really well.  It did not take her long to realize she liked having all the attention.  It also gave her the opportunity to experience life a different way.  It allowed her to expand into herself and rely on herself.  That is a big step for a horse who is wired to be in a herd.  I am leaning life is about experiences and how we use those experiences.  We can grow, expand or not.  Animal or human.

Here she is in February 2018 still doing fine alone even though she has some health issues.

I shared Mimi’s story in an effort to show that it is possible for a horse to adjust to being alone.  Then it is up to each of you to make your own decisions.  No right or wrong.  Each situation is unique.  I am learning making blanket statements about any topic is not in the best interest.

Thanks Mimi it was great working with you again.


2018 is definitely an interesting ride.  Everyone human and animal are finding this new level of energy a bit of a challenge to live with.

In this challenge we are all experiencing something that I see showing up when I work, which are opposites.  Vaccinate, don’t vaccinate, feed raw, don’t feed raw, crate, don’t crate, leash, don’t leash and on it goes.  In these opposites are very strong opinions on each side of an issue.  What does this mean for our animals?

I have to remember these animals chose to live with a human.  So no victims.

In the work I do with a veterinarian in Colorado this issue of opposites comes up a lot.  My work allows me to see the effects of opposites on animals.  What I see are animals that are out of balance in the function of their bodies.  My job is to relay to the vet how the animal feels about the imbalance and the vet’s job is to find a way to physically bring the body into balance again.

Animals know about balance.  It is hard wired into their systems and it is not a thought process.  They innately know.  Humans on the other hand find balance a bit harder as we have a thought process about everything.  Which creates all these opinions about opposites.

I am not saying anything is wrong with an opposite.  However I am seeing the effect on an animal who lives with an opposite for a long period of time.

What is the solution?    Finding the middle spot between two opposites or balance.  It means we can take from both opposites.  It is not one or the other which is where we get stuck.  I am learning to step back from an issue which allows me a 360 degree view of the issue.  From that place I can see both opposites and the spot in the middle.  It allows me to stand in the middle of two opposites and draw from each into the middle.  When I do that I find balance and it is a nice place to be.

Also when I sit in the middle I find answers.   So simple.


Here we are in 2018. I think it is going to be an interesting ride. 

In the last few weeks I have had two different opportunities to talk to people who had come across a dog wandering on the street.  In both cases the people were concerned the dog would get hit by a car. The humans decided to intervene as they both felt a great deal of concern. The dogs, however, did not see there was a problem.  If they got hit by a car then that was what happens when you don’t pay attention.     

There was a great deal of conversation with me trying to explain the dogs point of view.  I saw a huge difference between the human and dog way of seeing it .   

This exchange left me with questions.  What are we supposed to do seeing a dog on the street?  When is it appropriate to intervene?  Do they want us to intervene?  Do we have the right to intervene?  I am not sure there are definitive answers.

Let me give the dog point of view.  First, they do not see themselves as victims, that judgment comes from humans.  Animals do not have judgments or a complicated thought process.  They are hard wired for whatever species they are, in this case dogs.  They do not have all the mental stuff humans have.  Life simply is for them.

I will share where I have come to on this subject.  I used to be the queen of thinking animals needed to be rescued.  I thought I knew what was best for them.  I look back and I cringe.  I see now I used  rescue as a distraction to keep me from looking at my own life. The truth was I wanted to be rescued so I thought they did too.    

It was not until years later when I started to look at my own life and realize it was up to me to make changes that I also started to see animals as beings with their own life path.  I came to the realization I am only responsible for me, a huge turning point.  The more I took responsibility for myself the less I focused on everyone else’s lives, human or animal.

Now when I see a dog on the street I ask “Is there anything you want from me?”  They say “no” and go on their way.

I leave it to you to come to your own conclusion.  There is no right or wrong way here.  It is a point of view. 

Since I have come to the awareness of letting the world be, no one is asking me to rescue them.  A nice peaceful place to be.


Winter Solstice

Today is the eve of the Winter Solstice and for me it is the end of the year.  We have been in a very large shift of energy as we are approaching the Winter Solstice.  The past few weeks everything has been very shaken up and we all, humans and animals alike have been feeling it.  The way it shows up for me is I feel I/we are being pushed to step it up another notch. The stepping it up is about being responsible for how we are in our lives.  It applies to the animals too, on their level. 

This past week I have just wanted to put my head under the covers and stay in bed.  I felt very scrambled and had a tough time functioning.  I had to remind myself all is fine, that I was feeling the affect of the shift in energy and things would settle down after the Winter Solstice.  I know this and it still does not make going through it any easier.  Everyone I worked with or talked to was feeling it too. 

The Universe had a helper in the cat, her demands to be fed meant I had to get out of bed. 

Here I am on the eve of a new year.  First I want to thank 2017.  It moved me across the country and put me in a place to expand.  It will be very interesting to see what this new year holds.  I am allowing myself to be willing to go outside my comfort zone in my life.  Not sure what that looks like and I don’t need to know right now.  I have decided to embrace this shift and let it take me beyond what I know.

I want to thank all of you for following my blog.  Knowing you are there is a great comfort and it keeps the door open for what wants to be written.         

I wish you all a Happy Winter Solstice!  Lets ride this wonderful wave just for the fun of it!  Lots of smiles. 

A Lot of Movement

The cat and I had a great 4 day trip across the country arriving in New Mexico on Sun. Nov. 12th.  She turned into “Princess Road Warrior Cat”.  Each night she just took possession of the hotel room.  It was fun to watch her come into her own.  This past month I was busy doing all the things one has to do when you make a big move.  Yesterday 12/11, I received my New Mexico drivers license in the mail, so I am officially here.   I had lived here between Oct. 1999 to Oct. 2003.  I think sometimes you have to leave a place to find out it really was your place.  I am loving being back.

Thank you Georgia for what you had to teach me in the 6 1/2 years I was there.  Now it will be interesting to see what New Mexico has for me especially with the work I do.  I will continue to do the phone work and the rest will unfold.  I am learning to stay out of expectation and allow myself to not to know.  There is freedom in that.

That is it for now we are here safely and all is well.

Now I have to see if I can remember how to use the new Jet Pack I got a couple of weeks ago so I can post this.  Facing a 1200 pound upset horse does not faze me, yet give me a new piece of technology to deal with and I am shaking in my boots.  Plain silly, yet true.


It has been awhile.

Lots of shake up and movement going on and all of that has me moving back to New Mexico on Nov. 9th.  The whole process took time and focus to get me to the place where I knew what I had to do, so writing got put on the back burner.  Then this morning a topic that keeps popping up grabbed me and here I am.

I hear over and over from people when I am working with them and their animal the concept  “quality of life” comes up in regard to their animals life.   Very often “quality of life” gets factored into the decision on whether to put an animal down or not.  I have a lot of animals yelling in my head, I am fine!

What is “quality of life”?  Who determines that?  What determines that?  Where did the idea come from?  What does it look like?  I have no clue what the answers are to those questions.  I can, however, tell you animals have no concept of “quality of life”.  From their point of view, if they are breathing they are alive and have life.  They live in the moment.

Recently I worked with a dog who could no longer get up on his own.  His human felt since he had no “quality of life” it was time to put him down.  The dog was very clear he wanted to stay in his body.

This dog had a very strong will and the experience of not being able to get up under his own power was an opportunity to accept help.  It was also an opportunity to learn his will could only do so much which he did not accept for a year.  He was blessed with a human who was able to care for him for a year, giving him the time to work it out with his will.

Just before he died on his own he showed me that his will could only do so much and that there was a bigger movement then his will.  This was a huge growth experience for him.  On the surface he had no “quality of life” yet his lack of mobility was a catalyst for him to figure out his will could only do so much.

This example is an extreme and I used it to demonstrate the concept “quality of life”.  It is not a straight line or black and white.  AND, I am NOT making some point about not putting animals down.  I am simply giving some food for thought about this concept of “quality of life”.

This work I do with animals has totally changed how I view life and it allows me the opportunity to share what I learn.  I share and you get to make up your own mind on what works for you and your animals.  It is so individual to each human and animal combination.  There are no blanket statements or one size fits all.

The adventure continues and it will be very interesting to see what unfolds in New Mexico.  Head em up, move em out!