Hi, I’m Sandy Lagno and welcome to my web site and blog.

I do animal communication work, which I call interspecies translation.  I take the pictures animals telepathically show me and translate them into words.  That’s why interspecies translation.  I am translating from a picture language into a word language.  The translation creates a bridge between the animal and their human, opening the door to understanding.  

The communication/translation work grew out of my life long journey with horses.  It was not a job I was looking for.  The horses, however, had a different idea.  They knew I could see their pictures and they wanted me to work with their humans to create understanding on both sides.  Although the communication work started with horses, I work all species.


My intention with this blog is to share what I have learned in the 20 years of doing communication work. Humans and animals have very different points of view on life.  Often leading to misunderstanding.  My aim is to offer information which will help create a bridge between the two.  

My most important mission is to present the animal’s point of view.  We know our human point of view of life.  An example is animals have a very different view of dying and that is a topic I have written about.  

I only write when I am moved to, so periods of time go by between posts.  My goal is to give quality not quantity.  

I invite you to go to my blog and explore.